Horoscope Of 8 February 2018


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Integrity is the one thing showing up in your space today. Is it because you lack it or because others need a lesson in it? It will keep you on top of your game, Aries!


Taurus: Today you are nurtured and taken care of. It’s a blessed day. Just be aware of how much you are working for it and how much of it you are taking for granted. Beautiful day!


Gemini: Life is full today. Your mind and heart are overflowing and you must let it spill onto the ones that need a touch of celebration in their lives. Today you are truly chosen to GIVE!


Cancer: It may be a confusing day. It may be one where you cannot see where you are going. But remember you are completely protected and guided. Just follow your intuition today! You are looked after.


Leo: Today, you are in for an energy upgrade. This helps you become more creative and also physically conscious about the results you are looking for. Just allow yourself to accept this increased amount of energy.


Virgo: Today you must dare to do what you have not, till now. Be it professionally or in regards to the matters of the heart. Take that courageous step and do it. You know you can.


Libra: It is time to take your place in your world. Start treating yourself the way you want others to treat you. You have to teach by example. That is the only way they will understand.


Scorpio: You are repressing yourself in many aspects right now. This might turn into the blame game you will possibly loose. Do not allow yourself to get depressed and gloomy. Express yourself with a balance, today.


Sagittarius: Growth often happens in solitude. But the minute it becomes visible, there is always more help to carry you forward. Be open to getting expert advice today. Or even giving it if need be, Sagittarius.


Capricorn: A new and exciting beginning is about to happen. Don’t allow your usual doubts and fears cripple your ability to accept it. Such magic is about to unfold for you, be it work or relationships!


Aquarius: Anything that stagnates produces a stink. Your emotions and mind seem to have stagnated right now. Do all you can to move from the present space and create a newness within that brings freshness, Aquarius.


Pisces: SUCH A HUGE CHANGE! This is an awesome time for you to restart. If you carry forward, change your route. Life is giving you the opportunity to make a new path for yourself. Will you?   

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