Significance Of The Placement Of Sun And Moon In Birth Chart?


The Sun being the wellspring of light and life is the ruler of the planets, if in the birth chart the Sun is in an ideal position it will help the person to lead a sound life for it is the food supplier for the entire body. This fundamental planet represents different parts of the body like head, body, bone structure, constitution, blood, cerebrum, bile, and digestive flame, organ of voice, right eye for guys and left eye in case of females. Problems like bad eye sight, cerebral pains, inconsistent blood supply, heart problem, dental issues, bone cracks, fevers, nerves related problems , bone tumor, and so on are mostly because of insignificant placement of the Sun in the birth graph. The Sun is astrologically called the Father of the Planets.
The Moon implying the part of a mother is said to be the ruler of the planets. The different body organs represented by the Moon are face, organs, tonsils, bosoms, stomach, lymphatic framework, lungs, mid-section, left eye for guys and ovaries, menstrual cycle, uterus, generative organs and right eye for females, it is in charge of richness, general shortcoming, wellbeing, consistent and smooth blood flow and lymph. A horoscope with a bad position of the Moon in may cause problems like laziness, epilepsy, is in charge of issues like rest issue, laziness, languor, lung issues, mouth issues, neurological clutters, epilepsy, disorders of the uterus and ovaries, tuberculosis, menstrual scatters, fever, blood infection, iron deficiency, etc.