Role Of The First House In Health?

We are acquainted with the fact that a healthy person has all the riches of the world. The first house has a vital role in the well- being of an individual. A person who takes good care of himself/herself, who is conscious about his diet, indulges in exercising on a daily basis, is bound to have good health and the same will be reflected by the main house in his/her horoscope. The first house is of significance in a person’s horoscope as other houses are related to it and their movement is seen considering the first or the main house. By looking at the first house, a clear picture of a person’s longevity, stamina level, and overall health can be seen, it determines an individual’s capability to overcome any kind of fatal disease, sudden accident, strength to overcome any complication in health which may be brought upon by non- beneficial or malefic houses and planets, if the benefic planets are located in the malefic houses such as 6th, 8th and 12th then it might prove to be unfavorable for a person’s health.