Horoscope Of 4 June 2018


 ARIES: Being compassionate towards others is a beautiful quality we all must possess, however, while following your heart, carry your mind along with you. If you're about to take a decision that is urgent, do it from the space of rationality, not sentimentality.

TAURUS: You need to protect yourself from all potential harm esp. energy vampires. Be aware about the surrounding, trust but don't blindly trust. Learn to say 'No', if something makes you uncomfortable, it's your gut instinct telling you to stop it right there.
GEMINI: There is a chance that either you may receive marriage proposals or get the news of your loved ones getting married. There is the excitement of celebration in the air, let your hair down, plan how to make the event special. Enjoy as much as you can.
CANCER: You may experience some pain in your legs. Working all the day running all the time non-stop can take a toll on your health. Rest is important, lay on your bed, listen to some music that will rejuvenate your soul.
LEO: If you've created a plan but back-burned it due to some important issues to sort out, you're being encouraged to revive it. It can be anything from weight loss program, cleaning home to job hunting. Keep aside laziness at bay, and get proactive.
VIRGO: Tried and tested formulae might give you success but it sure wouldn't be enriching from creative point of view. Integrate new patterns, take risk. It sounds insanely scary but if something scares you, that is what you're supposed do. Go beyond your comfort zone.
LIBRA: You might be at the receiving end of being back-stabbed resulting you to get red-pilled about certain people. Your perspective may change, but don't let it make you bitter and judgemental. Life is too short to harbor hate.

SCORPION: Pillow fight is normal, it happens in every family in every home. However, it does tend to explode and manifest into a big battle if emotions are not under controlled and communication isn’t transparent. Be aware of what you do and what you say.
SAGITTARIUS: If you have a plan to get a pet, go ahead and welcome a non-human species as your family. Having animals - be it a cat, dog or even a bird - around creates a harmonious atmosphere and it medically benefits everyone. They’re a reservoir of unconditional love.
CAPRICORN: Strategize a plan, get like-minded people on board, share viewpoints and find a middle ground to come to a conclusion. And remember, you have all the resources at your disposal, make good use of it.
AQUARIUS: If you don’t want to be the object of gossip, it’s imperative that you yourself do not gossip about someone no matter how indifferent you might feel about that person. Not my monkey, not my circus must be the motto.
PISCES: You’re being guided to maintain your years of savings in a real estate for future benefits. Try to seek financial advises from someone who has good knowledge about investment and can help you find a better and trustworthy proprietor.