Horoscope for 3rd June 2018

By: Rashida


You have accumulated a decent amount of savings for yourself by now. Today would be a good day to decide to turn them into investments. Be smart about it and take advice from the right people. However, the alignment of the stars will allow you to make the most out of those investments in a short span of time. Be warned though, wisdom patience is the key. Being greedy can turn this game around.


Lot of admirers have been vying for you off-late and you have been unaware. Today might be a little overwhelming because you will suddenly find yourself being extremely aware of it all. It will be fun; just don't take it too seriously. Especially for those who are in a rocky phase in your relationship. It would bode well for you to use this awareness to help you feel great about yourself and work on your existing relationship.



Today is going to be all about encouraging others to be the best version of them. You exude enthusiasm and that is your super power. Those needing emotional support or encouragement will reach out to you, and guiding them right is your purpose for the day. Don't take it too seriously, you will enjoy it as well


Rest and relaxation is what your body and soul crave. So, take the day off and spend it sprawled in bed, reading a book, or watching your favourite movie. If there are any domestic duties you need to attend to, do them, and then take your rest. But try staying in today. It will replenish you with celestial emery that you have been craving.


Your chakras are getting aligned to each other again. For the past few weeks you have not felt on top of your game, because you had been focusing too much on one thing only. With your relationships being on the track to harmony again, you will find that your work endeavours are also reaching fruition. It is a wonderful feeling!


Clarity is the theme for today. You will find yourself being clear and compartmentalized today. Use it to your advantage. Taking decisions today will be a lot simpler. Though you may come across as fussy to some people, don't worry about it. As we said, use your clarity to your advantage. Staying calm with your expressions will be the key today. Losing your temper will do much worse for you than your opponent.


So you have been feeling like you want someone to pamper you, love you and care for you, haven’t you? But you are friend zoning most of the people who adore you, and if you are in a relationship, you are treating your partner like a bro! Just admit that you are a romantic, and let it enter your life.


Today you will be as sharp as an arrow! Looks like you will be sensible and goal-oriented, which will make you an asset in all those team meetings that are coming your way. If you dig a little deeper, you will find that the solutions for auctioning all the plans are also within you. Don’t hesitate in sharing them confidently!


The heat is getting to your Capricorn. It is clear that the weather is playing a role in blocking your inner centre. Don’t be so hard on yourself if you are not feeling as sharp as you normally do. Cut yourself some slack. This too shall pass.


Sunday again, one that you will enjoy to the most. Looks like a lot of time with your family will set your soul free. A deep conversation with an elder you connect with will help ease some of the stress that has been haunting you. Your loved ones mean well, don't hold back and don't get defensive. Hear them out, take your decisions then.


Why have you been keeping yourself away from sexual energy? You know better than anyone else that you love it, and love giving pleasure as well. The beauty of it is that it is your nature to derive a lot more pleasure from giving it, than getting it. So enjoy it, and revel in the fulfilment it gives you soul.