Horoscope for 31st May 2018

By: Rashida


It is the last day of the month. A lot has happened this month, and you have obsessed over them enough. It is time you kick back and relax. You do not need to respond to every comment. Sometimes letting the grass grow over old feuds is the best way to increase the greenery in your own pastures. Sometimes friends, though lost in the short term, aren't lost forever. Don't forget that.


Luck is on your side. It looks like you have hit the jackpot for the perfect celestial positions today.  This day can be sued well for taking important decisions for business and work. It will also be good for those who are applying into colleges or for jobs. You can use your luck well to tell your loved one how you truly feel. However, luck only brings you the opportunity, so don't falter in your preparation.


The constellations have a tendency to work in tandem with each other. So, it is time you stop focusing on the differences that you may have with certain friends. Your relations with your friends will get stronger today, or they will at least show definite signs to be going in that direction. It is a change for you, and it is in your nature to be hesitant about it. But let it happen. It is good for you.


Why you do always feel the need to validate your choices? Off late, you seem to want to talk to people about your love-life related choices, to see if they agree with the decisions that you made! Don’t forget, you have great instincts. It is a blessing given to you to help you protect others and yourself. So, go with your instincts. Others can’t validate them for you!


They say that it is important to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  However, today is a day just for friends and family. The zodiac wants to give you a day full of unconditional love, and you need to make sure that it stays like that. If there is anybody who is an adversary to you, keep them at bay today. That is not the energy you need in your life today.


We are not saying that you are a selfish individual. However, you do have a tendency to think more about yourself than you do others. Today, that tendency of yours will need to take a back seat, if you want your associations to keep flowing in the right direction. Think from others’ point of view. Don’t harm yourself, but ensure that you are also securing others.


Today you need to focus on breaking some new ground. You need to think incredibly out of the box. For that you may need to change your style a little. Put on colours that you wouldn’t wear normally, and try experimenting with food. It will help.


Confidence was high when you woke up this morning, wasn’t it? Looks that your stars are shining brightly today. There is only one thing that can work as well as luck, dear one, and that is confidence. Take up whatever you planned on taking up, and you are bound to see the fruition that you expected.


It is in your nature to be pragmatic and analyse every situation. But sometimes things are not exactly as they seem. The stars suggest that there is a slight turmoil in your relationship. We also read that you assume that the fault lies in your partner. Dear one, chill out! Sometimes circumstances are at fault. It shall pass!


There are activities that you have been intentionally avoiding for some time. Be it sports, cooking, accounting; there is something that you have been avoiding and the stars don’t want you to anymore. Get back in touch with the activity, and see how it helps you grow.


Last day of the month. Go out and have some fun with your close friends. You have been working hard on something new this month, and the best way to respect your hard work would be to enjoy the end of the month. However, don't forget to close the financial files before that party starts. You know that is your one and on weakness, it is time to trump it.


Not a great day for you today. Negativity will be finding its way to you today. So, it is important you keep yourself hydrated. It is not the best day to stay in an air conditioned room, as it will dehydrate you all the more. Stick to the company of those who you love. Alone time will not be the best thing for you today, so try to keep that to the bare minimum.