Horoscope for 28 May


By: Rashida


Take a break today. We know it is only the start of the week, but an excursion with close friends is what your aura is demanding of you, right now. So, don't ignore the call of nature. You need to spend some time with nature today, even if it is for a few us in the evening. A slight headache may threaten to dampen your mood, nothing that a tall glass of water can't solve.


Clarity is the theme for today. You will find yourself being clear and compartmentalized today. Use it to your advantage. Taking decisions today will be a lot simpler. Though you may come across as fussy to some people, don't worry about it. As we said, use your clarity to your advantage. Staying calm with your expressions will be the key today. Losing your temper will do much worse for you than your opponent.


New acquisitions and deals will be coming in today. It is a good day to take financial decisions. If you have been on the fence about certain investments, take the call today, and go for it. For those who are looking at making a big business decision, a little bit of risk may not harm you. Take an informed decision like you always do. It will hardly bring you any losses. Keep you close ones in confidence though.


It is commonly known that you always give a thought to both sides of the coin. Before you take a decision, you give every scenario a thought. This intense decisiveness of yours can come in very handy with some financial decisions today. However, time is of the essence. So along with your perception, believe in your instinct as well.


Not everyone knows what stresses you have been dealing with off-late. As the self-acclaimed leader of the pack, you are not comfortable talking about the things that bother you. However, it is important that you find some close people who you share your worries with. Sometimes, talking about your worries is the best way to appease them. A good home cooked meal will also help soothe your soul.


Take time out for your family today. That is an arena in your life that has been grossly ignored. Yes, your parents may be little disparaging at times, and your siblings may be annoying too. However, it is them that make your family. And you know better than anyone else how they fulfil your soul.


Today is going to be an overall positive day. Work will be average, if not great. Your health will be on your side. Family life won’t see any considerable knocks, and your love life seems to be on a safe and positive track. Staying calm in the face of certain distresses will be the challenge.


Let us just say that the stars are in your favour! Or may we say that the force is with you today. Take up the projects you have been a little nervous about, today you are bound to see success. If there is someone who has captured your heart and you have been incapable of telling them how you feel, today is the day to take the leap, and tell them!


Today is the day you focus on nurturing and developing your inner peace. But you are a Sagittarius and it is impossible for you to be at peace unless your daily functions are fulfilled. So today, complete your daily mandated tasks and then spend some quiet along time with yourself. Maybe read a book that you love, or listen to tranquil music while letting your mind run free! It will help.


Yes, there have been a few internal fights going on around you. Be it at work or in the house, there are minor disagreements that seem to be in your vicinity. You simply can’t be at peace in such a scenario. But it’s ok. Keep faith. Things will sort themselves out.


The week shall start very positively for you. Good news is waiting to get to you by mid-day. Focus your energies on doing justice to all those who have trusted you in the last month. A close one my soon be departing for a short duration. While the distance may affect you, don't forget that it is in your nature to thrive under all and any circumstances. Sex is on the cards today.


Relationships have been a little strained off-late. Don't fret it. You know that these kinds of phases come in everyone’s lives. However, if you can do anything to heal the cause, without patronizing anyone, take the steps that need to be taken. With your wisdom, you need to make sure you take the higher ground.