Horoscope for 27th May 2018


By: Rashida


Your positive energy will be what will get you through the day today. You feel great about yourself and that is what you need to focus on. There will be trivial challenges that may try to get you down, but don't give in to them. Don't forget that there is no issue you cannot surmount and an ace. It is your day; don't let tiny issues in your periphery take it away from you.


Getting a lot of attention today is going to be the scene. You will find eyes and smiles coming to you from all quarters. Sex is definitely on the cards today. Don't hold back, your aura needs it too free yourself. You have the ability to bring your partner a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. It is a blessing you need to share with your partner. Giving them pleasure will bring you back tenfold, don't forget that.


Luck is on your side. It looks like you are seeing a lot of positivity around you today.  This day can be sued well for taking important decisions for business and work. It will also be good for those who are applying into colleges or for jobs. You can use your luck well to tell your loved one how you truly feel. However, luck only brings you the opportunity, so don't falter in your preparation.


We are not saying that you are a selfish individual. However, you do have a tendency to think more about yourself than you do others. Today, that tendency of yours will need to take a back seat, if you want your associations to keep flowing in the right direction. Think from others’ point of view. Don’t harm yourself, but ensure that you are also securing others.


Spending some fun time with your close friends will go a long way for you today. However, keep a keen eye on your expenses, as that has been a source of worry for you. For those who indulge in alcohol, it is important that you keep it in limits today, as there is a slight bit of harm coming your way. Love is the best shield, so keep loved ones around


Romance is on the cards today. Be it for those who have been in fulfilling relationships for a while, or for those looking for a partner. You will find yourself having a nice date for dinner tonight. Don’t hold back on your romantic relationships. It brings your joy when you see your partner happy. Yes, it is the end of the month, so remember that romance is not about spending money, but expressing true emotions.


We recently learned how to reign in the energy, didn’t we? Staying calm is extremely important to your physical, mental and emotional health. Today you will need to practice staying calm and detaching from things. There may be unintentional attacks on your health. Staying calm and not getting caught up in the argument will be important.


Wow, you seem to be full of motivation and energy today. Don’t let to go in vain, use it. It is clear that the stars want you to act on the things that you have been thinking about for the past few weeks. For those in relationships, it is time to take your relationship to the next level. Your collective compatible energy is ready for the evolution.


Today you will find your social circle revolving around you, literally. It looks like a great day for you, full of appreciation and personal security. Enjoy it, you have earned it. But don’t abuse it. All the attention you are getting is because you seldom abuse the attention you get. Today, it will be more than usual. So make the most of it.


Today you may have more than one surprise call of a visit from old friends and extended family. Seems like they have been observing you over the past week, and today, they have taken it up to themselves to touch base with you. Enjoy it, they mean well.


It is your relaxation day today. Your soul has been craving some solitude for a while, you deserve it. We advise you to keep a control on your diet today. It will help you keep your aura clean. Your love for junk food may burn a hole in your purse, so be wary today. Cooking soothes you, so start your day with it. Some music will help you feel a lot better.


A close friend may come in seeking your help in sorting out their heart. Because you are the healer that you are, it is only obvious that those who need fixing will find their way to you. Be there for them. However, there is a chance that you may stray into the physical healing of the soul as well. As long as it isn't breaking any social rules, there is nothing wrong in indulging.