Horoscope for 24th May 2018


By: Rashida

:  Fatigue seems to be getting to you dear Aries. But this is a classic case at the end of every month for you. Take it easy and reign in the expenses. Be wary of an attractive new person in your vicinity. They may not necessarily be bad, but tread with caution.

Taurus: The weekend is around the corner and you seem to be feeling the vibe already, dear Taurus. Might we remind you that your health has been demanding some special attention off-late? So take it easy, and stay in tonight. Home food and good sleep will help.

Gemini: Seems to be a lazy day in store for you today, dear Gemini. You have accomplished most of the work for the week in the start as well. It would bode well for you to start some work planning for the next week today. After all, staying ahead of the game was always exhilarating for you.

Cancer: Solitude will be a good thing for you today, dear Cancer. You can either focus all your energy on work, or decide to take a nice long lunch and read a book, or just listen to some calming music. Even with family, stay calm today. You need it more than them.

Leo: Deadlines are calling and you seem to want to leave it to voicemail. However, that is not your style, dead Leo. While we advise that you don’t overwork yourself, don’t get into the rut of procrastination. Work by schedule, and only by schedule. A quiet evening at home will be good.

Virgo: Work will be good today. With more and more people seeing value in what you have to offer, you will be the star of the day today. There is a big change in the offing for you, and you need to make your next move carefully. So think about it and act.

Libra: Big changes coming up, and your abilities and patience are being tested in the most brutal way possible. But you are a strong Libra, and you do what needs to be done. Confrontations may happen, but you need to stand your ground, it’s high time.

Scorpio: Quiet day today for you, dear Scorpio. You may not have a lot of daunting tasks to perform today. It would be a good opportunity to enjoy your own company and calm yourself down. The days end may be a good preview for tomorrow’s mayhem, so be prepared.

Sagittarius: You will need to indulge in some creative expression today, dear Sagittarius. Be it using colours, words or any other means. Today, you may need to free the volcano that is building up, in a creative way. You have the capacity to create, don’t use that power to destroy.

Capricorn: Take the time out today to talk to someone you love, about the negative thoughts you have been having off-late. Even though you keep a calm and happy exterior, you cannot deny that you have been feeling some antagonizing emotions. Let it out to a loved one, you’ll feel better.

Aquarius: Your health is still not at its peak, but you seem to be gaining some control again. While it is important for you to dive into a routine, we would ask you to still take it easy for a while. Take up tasks that you can delegate and monitor. Keep minimal tasks for implementing yourself.

Pisces: Nature is talking to you and you need to listen. Today you may have a super urge to have your strong communication with nature. Do it, and find a way to express it creatively. Those who are blessed enough to understand, will.