Horoscope for 22nd May 2018


By: Rashida

Aries:  All your hard work is soon going to pay off, Aries. Professionally, your game is going strong, and looks like everyone around you is also noticing it. You will have some people feeling envious about you, but you need to take it positively. Be kind to them too, and they will turn around.

Taurus: Today you may have more than one surprise call of visit from old friends and extended family. Seems like they have been observing you over the past week, and today, they have taken it up to themselves to touch base with you. Enjoy it, they mean well.

Gemini: Hello there Gemini! You are just full of energy and motivation today. Isn’t it lovely when you start the day feeling like a powerhouse of positivity? Use these energies well, dear Gemini. Take up tasks you have been afraid to, and nail them. Be the Champion you were born to be.

Cancer: Yes, there have been a few internal fights going on around you. Be it at work or in the house, there are minor disagreements that seem to be in your vicinity. As a cancer, you simply can’t be at peace in such a scenario. But it’s ok. Keep faith. Things will sort themselves out.

Leo: You seem to have a new found, super amazing feeling about your body today! Yes Leo, you are gorgeous. But you cannot only be focusing on yourself in the mirror. Don’t forget, the lion drowned in the lake when he couldn’t have enough of his own reflection.

Virgo: If there is one thing that a Virgo can’t handle, it is criticism. We all know this. However, today you will be under the scanner, and you will need to suck it up, and deal with it. Throwing a tantrum will come in the way of your learning, and you wouldn’t want that, would you?

Libra: There are activities that you have been intentionally avoiding for sometime. Be it sports, cooking, accounting, there is something that you have been avoiding and the stars don’t want you to anymore. Get back in touch with the activity, and see how it helps you grow.

Scorpio: Don’t forget that there is no setback that you cannot overcome, dear Scorpio. Yes today will be a tough day. But you need to remember that you are tougher than that. There is nothing you cannot accomplish. Keep faith in yourself, faith goes a long way!

Sagittarius: There is a lot happening around you. You have always been able to smell a lie from miles away, dear Sagittarius. But today, you will need to pretend that you were not born with this ability. Spend the day observing the real faces and the beautiful garbs they have. It will help you soon.

Capricorn: The heat is getting to your Capricorn. It is clear that the weather is playing a role in blocking your inner center. Don’t be so hard on yourself if you are not feeling as sharp as you normally do. Cut yourself some slack. This too shall pass.

Aquarius: You can normally look into a reasonable future, Aquarius, but when the stars want to surprise you, they manage to do so with great ease. There are going to be opportunities presenting themselves to you, out of the blue. Don’t get overwhelmed. Stay pragmatic, and allow yourself a new experience.

Pisces: After the super week you have had, today will be different. Moodswings all over the place are going to make you feel unaccepted and judged. Don’t read too much into it, and let it be. That is your strength, other people and their opinion can’t bring you down.