Horoscope for 20th May 2018


By: Rashida

Aries: What’s wrong, Aries? You seem to be scattered in the mind. You are everywhere and nowhere! Especially, in your relationships, looks like you need to touch base with your inner self. The external, elder sibling of the zodiac is getting confused. Spend a quiet day with those who know the real you. Do what you love, and reconnect with yourself today.

Taurus: Slept well last night, dear Taurus? Chances are that you saw a very powerful dream last night. One that gave you a lot of think about when you woke up. Today is a day of great energy for you Taurus. You will be positive, optimistic and energetic. Some charity work will help you nurture this positive energy further. Spend some time with yourself in meditation to thank the universe for it.

Gemini: Today is a good day for making decisions, dear Gemini. We know it is a Sunday, and there are professional decisions that cannot be implemented. But today, your stars will direct you to make choices. So take out some time, and sit with yourself and your to-do list. Even if you are not implementing the decisions, you can still freeze on them for tomorrow.

Cancer: Your one weakness, dear Cancer, is avoiding problems. You refuse to see recurring issues as signs of deeper conflict. Today, you need to address these issues, else they will snowball in the coming weeks. Just take out some time, and calmly look into these problems. You will be surprised at how simple certain solutions can be.

Leo: You are particularly nervous today, Leo, as if nothing is going right. There are also chances that you are experiencing aches and pains in different parts of your body, for no apparent reason. It is all stress. A big way to let go of stress is to hydrate yourself. Water is a celestial cleanser. Always ensure that while you are drinking water, you are seated.

Virgo: Of course you like being pampered. Even though you cannot be “bought” by materialistic gifts, you often enjoy going and buying yourself something fine. Today is a day for you to treat yourself. Be it with close friends, your significant other, with your family or just in the company of yourself, go out shopping, buy yourself something you like and enjoy a good meal. You have earned it!

Libra: We have been taught since childhood that the early bird, gets the worm. This does not old true for you, dear Libra. Off late you have been jumping into decisions (if you haven’t, then great) because you feel like being the first one to throw the punch. Avoid doing that. Take a breather and analyze the situation around you. Make the move when you are good and ready.

Scorpio: You have been pushing yourself a little hard for the past few weeks. Today, you need to put your feet up and enjoy some relaxation time. We suggest a nice massage to help unknot those muscles that tend to tense up because you don’t let things go. What will help is a hearty meal with your loved ones, talking about god memories of the past.

Sagittarius: You will be interacting with some new people today. However, off late you have been having issues getting your point across to people. According to them, you come off too strong. Well, they aren’t wrong, you do. So take a step back, and focus more on listening. You need not always let the other person know what you think.

Capricorn: The universe loves giving us surprises, dear Capricorn. This time looks like the recipient is you. But do you know one aspect of giving a great surprise? An element of perceived disappointment. So, if you feel like nothing is going your way, just keep walking and doing the right thing nonetheless. There is a great surprise in store for you ahead!

Aquarius: You have a tendency to get antsy when things don’t go as planned. Yes, that is a problem that you have. But, dear Aquarius, personal relationships are not a machine and you cannot control them. Hence, there are chances that things will not go as planned. Don’t get anxious when that happens. Take it as it goes, you never know, it may be a surprise you love!

Pisces: Finances are strong for you right now, dear Pisces. While we strongly suggest that wasting away money is not a great idea, spending it on yourself and those you love is not a bad idea either. Go out for a nice lunch with your family or friends and have a nice positive time. That is one of the best investments you can make for yourself.