Horoscope for 19th May 2018


By: Rashida

Aries: You often focus a lot of your energy on the sensual joys of life, dear Aries. Today, it is important that you focus on building the emotional strength of the relationship. Reconnect with friends who you haven’t spoken to in a while, and have a heart-to-heart with your partner. Sex is not the only fulfillment that your soul seeks.

Taurus: We are not saying that you are a selfish individual, dear Taurus. However, you do have a tendency to think more about yourself than you do others. Today, that tendency of yours will need to take a back seat, if you want your associations to keep flowing in the right direction. Think from others’ point of view. Don’t harm yourself, but ensure that you are also securing others.

Gemini: it is commonly known that a Gemini always gives a thought to both sides of the coin. Before you take a decision, as a Gemini, you give every scenario a thought. This intense decisiveness of yours can come in very handy with some financial decisions today. However, time is of the essence. So along with your perception, believe in your instinct as well.

Cancer: Okay, so some days are not for some zodiac signs. And Cancer, today is not the best day for you to do business in. there are chances of bad debts, bad decisions and bad hairdos. So, instead, take the day off today and spend it with your loved ones. A nice brunch with your partner, lunch with your best friends and a lovely evening with the family.

Leo: Changes are in the offing for you, dear Leo! Yes, we are aware of the fact that you do not appreciate things changing without your control on them, but such is life. The changes may start being visible from today. But remember, you have the ability to sail through the toughest winds, and these changes are good, they needed to happen. So keep faith.

Virgo: They say that the Virgin is the strongest in the zodiac when it comes to warring against ill-fate! That’s right, a Virgo has more positive energy that anyone in the zodiac. Don’t forget this when you are faced with making certain decisions. Yes, there are risks, and your optimistic nature will want to take them up. You will succeed, dear Virgo! Because the stars don’t want you to fail.

Libra: It is in your nature, dear Libra, that you always choose to stay detached. “Having fun” is makes a lot more sense to you than actually “getting involved”!  Ofcourse, it is a lot more pragmatic and easier. But there are matters of the heart that are not always pragmatic. Allow yourself the joy of feeling true emotions. Take a risk, and let yourself indulge in the emotional swirl of it.

Scorpio: The mighty Scorpio is not feeling so great today, are you? The stars suggest that today you wish you had a shell like Cancer that you could curl into! Guess what Scorpio, it is okay! It is okay to want to spend the day on your own. Not looking your dapper self, chilling in pajamas at home, watching romantic movies and gorging on your favourite food. It is cool, go ahead and do it!

Sagittarius: Why you do always feel the need to validate your choices, Sagittarius? Off late, you seem to want to talk to people about your love-life related choices, to see if they agree with the decisions that you made! Don’t forget, dear Sagittarius, you have great instincts. It is a blessing given to you to help you protect others and yourself. So, go with your instincts. Others can’t validate them for you!

Capricorn: Capricorn, around this time, every month, you feel anxious and apprehensive. If we were to ask you for the exact reason of it, you would have no answer.  Always remember, when you have no answer for anxiety, the anxiety and apprehension are self-endowed. So, snap out of it. You are amazing, everyone loves you and you will get through it!

Aquarius: Yes, Aquarius, you are the water bearer! It is your duty to have, hold and share knowledge. But chill out. You need a breather too, and you should know that. Take a break, be silly, don’t focus your time on understanding others. Today, take a break from your water bearer duties, and enjoy the wild side that only being an Aquarius can entail.

Pisces: Pisces, the stars are in the mood to create a new constellation just for you! Just kidding, new constellations don’t happen! But yes, it is a good day for you. People around you will value you and respect you opinions and ideologies. You will be able to help many with your advice. There is also a chance that you will meet a new love interest, or your current relationship will evolve to grow stronger.