Horoscope for 18th May


By: Rashida

Aries: You have been taking keen care of your health, Aries. That is great. However, off late, you have been noticing that the health of those around you is not up to the mark. The most you can do in this case is guide them and be there for them. Constant nagging will not help, dear Aries, so ensure that you don’t crowd them with incessant advice.

Taurus: Today you will find your social circle revolving around you, literally. It looks like a great day for you, Taurus, full of appreciation and personal security. Enjoy it, you have earned it. But don’t abuse it. All the attention you are getting is because you seldom abuse the attention you get. Today, it will be more than usual. So make the most of it.

Gemini: Today is the day you focus on nurturing and developing your inner peace. But your area Gemini and it is impossible for you to be at peace unless your daily functions are fulfilled. So today, complete your daily mandated tasks and then spend some quiet alone time with yourself. Maybe read a book that you love, or listen to tranquil music while letting your mind run free! It will help.

Cancer: You are a hard worker, Cancer, but off late you have been pushing yourself too far for your own good. Your health is primarily fine, but you need to understand that those stress lines on your forehead are getting deeper. Do the mandate, and then give yourself some rest. Some pressure-free romantic time with your partner will help.

Leo: Money is a concern for you off late, Leo. That is because your royal highness has been very regal in spending it. It is time you pull the purse strings and get a little practise with your expenses. Today, you may get some really good investment and money management advice from an unexpected source, give it a thought.

Virgo: Virgo, the light that your aura emits is lighting up lives all around you. You are a positive and charismatic magnet today, and all those around you will not just feel it, but also gain from it. When the stars bless us with such days, it is important that we make it worth the while. Use this day well, help out those who can benefit from your energy.

Libra: Libra, it is in your nature to be pragmatic and analyse every situation. But sometimes things are not exactly as they seem. The stars suggest that there is a slight turmoil in your relationship. We also read that you assume that the fault lies in your partner. Dear Libra, chill out! Sometimes circumstances are at fault. It shall pass!

Scorpio: Today doesn’t look like a very appealing day for you, Scorpio. So let us warn you so that you are prepared for you. You have been pushing yourself too hard off late, and the frustration it causes is showing in your behaviour. You will feel a little insecure about how you are being perceived. But you need to remember that only our actions are in our control, how others perceive us isn’t!

Sagittarius: You are seeing it, aren’t you? Jupiter born, you have been keeping a calm and positive front all along; protecting those around you, while you feel like you need no protection. However, you are now seeing that you are a lot more stressed than you should be. A little quiet time (without your laptop and smart phone, please) will help you align your chakras. You need it.

Capricorn: Today you will be as sharp as an arrow, dear Capricorn! Looks like you will be sensible and goal-oriented, which will make you an asset in all those team meetings that are coming your way. If you dig a little deeper, you will find that the solutions for auctioning all the plans are also within you. Don’t hesitate in sharing them confidently!

Aquarius: Dear Aquarius, today you should be named “The God of Mischief”! Looks like you have woken up with your sarcastic and witty side in complete dominance. While it is always amazing to have you around in this mood, be wary. A few near and dear ones may not be in a state to take your mood right. So, pick and choose your moments.

Pisces: The past weeks have shown you that you need not lead a lonesome existence. People around you are not just accepting you for what you are, but also respecting you for your thoughts and ideas. Today you will find yourself wanting to do more activities in a group. Including the wonderful people around you, and drawing from them what they draw from you. It is a good idea, act on it!