Horoscope Of 9 May


By: Pushtiie

Aries: The message today is to just be yourself. Have you been trying to change the core you truly are? This is the reminder that tells you to stop. Celebrate who and what you are. You’re a limited edition.

Taurus: Teamwork is the call of the day. It’s not the time to go solo beloved Taurus. The energy others will bring to this situation will only make it richer. Accept the input others have to share.

Gemini: Very soon you will have what you are looking for. It will happen and it will be a happy surprise too. Start preparing right away, you have no time to waste anymore. Today is special beloved Gemini.  

Cancer: Today is the day to come together with your siblings. No matter what it’s been like till now, today is an opportunity to change all of that and form stronger relationships that truly last a lifetime.

Leo: What you are feeling about this situation is actually true. Your instinct is correct and you can count on it. Your inner voice is speaking to toy loud and clear. Just listen to it now on.

Virgo: You need to consciously make an effort to stay in a happy place, Virgo. Go to a time you were happy in your mind and draw from that energy. Master the ability to gain the space you choose.

Libra: If you are learning something new don’t forget to practice. It is the only way you will get really good at it. The skill can be ANYTHING, Practice is constantly required. Do you have a practice buddy?

Scorpio: It’s a massively positive day for you Scorpio. Whatever you want to do is a YES! That the kind of day where anything you do will be successful. There is a gentle glow within you today.

Sagittarius: Life is inviting you to try something new today. Step out of your doubt and your fear about how you will manage. If you don’t try it you will never know how good you really are Sagittarius.

Capricorn: There is help coming from a grandparent today. Even if they have crossed over, they are guiding things from up there to make things work for you here. Take a moment to show your gratitude dear Capricorn.

Aquarius: You have always been a very talented and gifted individual. The question is do you tap into your innate intelligence and work with it? Today is a reminder for you to do just that, creatively and thankfully.

Pisces: You seem to be waiting for something and for a while too. The message is that it is around the corner and you still have to wait for a bit patiently. You will be amply rewarded.