Horoscope Of 6 May


By: Pushtiie

Aries: When something ends another begins. It is time to celebrate the endings and look forward to the beginnings. Take time off and just go someplace you can settle down. You have supported in this transition beloved Aries.

Taurus: This is a great day to do give a little. Do some charity. The law of the Universe mentions that you get three times what you give. What do you want more of in your life today?

Gemini: Today is the day you pamper yourself with some much-needed treats. You have been ignoring yourself and paying attention to everything else. Time to change that. Go on a day with you. The kind YOU want.

Cancer: Think of how much you will help someone by just accepting them the way they are. Give them a chance. Not everyone has the same standards you do. Learn to see them lovingly. Allow them to express themselves.

Leo: Someone is going to help you today with your financial situation. From organization to what investments you need, it will all be taken care of. All you have to do is allow another in with trust.

Virgo: You are being told to spend time with children. Be they your biological children or your inner child, you need to pay attention to them. This goes to say you need some play time today. No seriousness.

Libra: Everyone has something they are really good at and they love. Have you found yours? Today is the day there is a high chance of you getting a glimpse of it if not totally find it. Be alert.

Scorpio: You are guided to ground yourself today. Are you feeling a little dizzy and light headed? Are you having ideas that are a little impractical? Not like they will not manifest. Just create steps to do it.

Sagittarius: Get clear about what you really want Sagittarius. Get into the details of what you desire. Once you have figured it out and set it off into the universe it will come to you quickly and easily.

Capricorn: The situation you are facing today is nothing to worry about. You will be surprised at how easy it is resolved. Do your part of holding on to the good from it. This is going to be effortless.

Aquarius: There is a chance that you will meet a new partner today. Be it at work, romantically, in the gym; this partner will be familiar and comfortable to be around. Pay attention to everyone.

Pisces: There is a lot of energy in the day for you today. Tap into it to heal any kind of wounds you have emotionally, mentally or physically. Or find an energy worker who can do this for you.