Horoscope Of 4 May


By: Pushtiie

Aries: You are being told to look at the way your thoughts are functioning today. Every thought has the ability to manifest. If your present thought becomes manifest, what will you be creating for yourself? Even if just momentarily?

Taurus: A day of unions and stability. Today you set the foundation for a long time in your life to come. From an engagement, a wedding, a new job or a change in homes… something life-altering can happen.

Gemini: Water is calling you. Spend time in it or with it. Take a moment to check out the fluid content in the body and if you need to regulate it. Allow your emotions the chance to flow.

Cancer: If a situation has you caught up, take a moment off. Be honest with yourself. Is this what you really want? Have the courage to admit to yourself the truth of what you desire. It’s just for yourself.

Leo: It is safe for you to feel and express love to another. Take the attention off yourself for a bit and look at another. Do this with love, not as a conquest or duty. Realize you are safe.

Virgo: You have been a very hard working one. Now is the time to have some fun and induce play in the day so that it becomes an experience of joy. It will give you a new perspective.

Libra: Today you are called upon to pay attention to yourself. Others will forever call for your attention and you will respond. Break away from it for a day. Your first relationship is YOU! Pay attention and grow it.

Scorpio: Your present situation, even though, it seems a little messed up, is a blessing in disguise. In a while, you will see the good that will emerge from it. Remember you are protected and looked after.

Sagittarius: The apparent challenges you are going through right now are just that, apparent. If you can release the need to have them the solutions will come to you with utmost speed. Just surrender them totally Sagittarius.

Capricorn: The timing is just right today. Do that which you have been planning to, right away. The result will be successful. More opportunities are coming your way and everything in your favor. Walk through the open doors.

Aquarius: It’s the day you get to reignite your passions. Be it any kind of creative expression, work with it today. You have been holding things within you and its time they are expressed. Make the mundane creative.

Pisces: If you do not ask, you cannot be given. Today is the day where you learn to ask. It’s not wrong to ask for what you need. Just remember the right things will be given to you.