Horoscope Of 30 April


By: Pushtiie

Aries: This is the day where you allow your inner child to come out and play. You have to recapture the fun you have been missing. No more being too serious. Find something that makes you laugh.

Taurus: The past is going to come knocking. It could be a person or a hobby or a feeling you have not paid attention to for a while. It's time you reconciled with this one that returns.

Gemini: It is time to get to know the work you are doing or the person you are about to commit to, better. This will lay solid foundations for the future. Being honest is a must here.

Cancer: Something is asking for another chance today. Be kind enough to work on whatever it is to avoid regret later. Knowing your emotional nature, it will make you unhappy after a while. You are a living being.

Leo: This is a day where you will benefit from expressing yourself. Don’t hold yourself back. This could have misunderstandings. Be clear and don’t leave anything to be translated by the other today. Express yourself lovingly Leo.

Virgo: If you are waiting to attract something, it is time you started planning HOW you will feel when it has already come. Your inability to do that is driving it further away from you. Start NOW!

Libra: If you are feeling very passionately about something, take the time to figure out how you can achieve it. If it is a relationship, take it slow and steady. Listen to your guidance and you won’t falter.

Scorpio: Your passions are overworked right now. You have to learn to relax a little. You seem to be overcompensating for what you believe you have missed out on. Step back and let it happen naturally.

Sagittarius: The situation at hand today is strong. You have attracted this to you because it is going to teach you something that will help you grow further. It is what you have called in. Be well prepared.

Capricorn: There is not enough energy in this situation to work with. Either you pump more into it or you just let it go. Excuse yourself. Know it was just not meant to be. Not your victory here.

Aquarius: Time to clear out the old energy. The situation needs you to press the reboot button and go through with it completely. No halfhearted efforts. Just one complete swoop and you will be done for good.  

Pisces: Now is when you need to get some self-time. Stay away from people until you work out your emotions. Reduce the charge this situation has created within you. Do not react from an old pattern, today!