Feng Shui Gifts And What they mean

Feng Shui Gifts And What they mean

Are you planning to gift your friends or family something they will never forget? Bouquets, chocolates, toys etc do not create the same impact as Feng Shui gifts. They are symbolic of prosperity and happiness. Here is a list of Feng Shui gifts which will make a long lasting impact on your loved one’s life.

  • Plants

It is better to gift plants than bouquets as plants are durable and spread positivity at your home/work place. Next time if you are confused about your gift planning, we recommend you to give a plant. According to Feng Shui, they represent “balance and harmony of Nature”. Feng Shui also states that gifting cactus can have a negative impact on the receiver’s life. Plants have the energy to purify environment and also positively impacts the receiver’s’ health.

  • Dragon Statues

Dragons are the messengers of positivity and longevity. Gifting dragon statues is considered the best gift in Feng Shui. These mythical and mystical creature represent core values of Feng Shui. Avoid giving sharp objects as gifts because it may cut down your relationship with the receiver. Dragon Statues will occupy a special place in the home/ office décor of the receiver.

  • Purses/Wallets

Feng Shui advices not to give empty wallets and purses as they symbolise poverty and lack of things but gifting a red purse or wallet by filling it with something special- like sweets or cash-is considered a sign of prosperity. So make your friends, family and colleagues feel special by gifting a pocket of happiness.

  • Stones

Feng Shui believes that gifting a watch or clock symbolise stagnation or limited life span. So to spread the blessing of long life, Feng Shui advises you to gift stones- available in different shapes. This gift will ensure that the receiver lives a long and healthy life. It is advised to buy stones in blue or amber colour for better impact.

  • Wind Charms

Wind charms are best Feng Shui gifts- as the musical pipes symbolises peace, harmony and good luck. This will be an added ornamentation in the receiver’s work place. Wind charms also ensure a soothing environment.


Feng Shui gifts are powerful and effective. You friends and family will surely enjoy this thoughtful gesture. Plan you festivals and occasions with Feng Shui gifts.