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Use of Feng Shui for good results


Use of Feng Shui for good results 
Just as Indians have great faith in Vastushastra, similarly China also has a renowned discipline known as Feng Shui. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese tradition of aesthetics, which is believed to use the laws of both heaven (astrology) and earth (geography) to improve one’s life by attaining positive chi.  ‘Chi’ is a moving positive or negative life force that has an important role in feng shui. Feng shui science relies on astrology to explore the relationship between humans and the universe. It is believed that when a person shifts to positive chi using Feng shui, he can enjoy the benefits of good fortune, better health, prosperity, and wealth in a lie and in the workplace too. All kinds of troubles related to Vastu dosha can be eliminated from home by using Feng Shui remedies.

Chi travels the air and spreads throughout the environment but stops when it comes in contact with water. According to Chinese culture, a combination of air and water represents harmony and good health. Windchime, crystal, dragon, laughing Buddha, plastic flowers, turtle, ship, coins, etc. are very important in Feng Shui. By keeping these in a prescribed direction in your home or office, one can get good luck in home, family, and job, also it helps in finding peace.

Historically, feng shui was often used extensively to create buildings of spiritual importance such as tombs, churches as well as residences, and other structures.

Feng shui art was suppressed in China during the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s, but since then, especially in the United States, its popularity has increased.  People are practicing feng shui to bring positivity and good health in their lives and environment. It’s also used by people to find love. The trend of keeping the items of Feng Shui Chinese architecture at home is gradually increasing.

  • Attract wealth

If you are planning on starting a new business or joining a new job, feng shui can help you with it. Wealth enhancements objects like feng shui frog or fish tanks can be used. Even business tycoons use feng-shui tips to attract wealth. If you feel that all the sources of your income have stopped, then you keep the three-colored Feng Shui frog (with coins in its mouth) in your house in such a way that the frog has full vision of your house. By doing this your luck will increase and income will increase.

  • Good luck

Hanging 6-rod wind chimes on the right-hand corner of the drawing-room entrance is beneficial for good luck. Actually, by putting 6-rod wind chimes in the drawing-room, positive energy comes out and spreads throughout the house.

  • Avoid evil eyes

Laughing Buddha, this is considered very auspicious in Feng Shui; keep it in the drawing-room right in front of you, so that as soon as you enter the house, you first look at it.

  • Maintain a healthy marriage and relationship

According to Feng Shui, the old junk and waste items cause conflicts in the family and between couples. So, throw out the old junk immediately especially from under the bed, because it creates differences between spouses.

  • Preventing accidents

Keeping fish aquarium at home brings happiness and prosperity. Keep in mind that the aquarium has 8 golden fishes and 1 black colored fish. If a golden fish dies, it is believed that she has taken some trouble away from home, that is, dying a golden fish is not a bad omen.

  • Positive energy and motivation

Keep a wooden dragon in the east direction in your home and workplace. This increases the energy level and keeps the enthusiasm high. Also, you can keep big plants in the east direction of your house to increase motivation.

  • Career stability

Always keep the north direction (the symbol of career) clean. Transparent showpieces such as crystal, Belgian glass or prism, placed in the room, are also helpful in moving forward in life.

  • Improve academics and learning capabilities

Keeping a bouquet of fresh flowers around the table in your room will awaken your interest in studies. A brief stroll on the verandah, balcony, or terrace to give a break between studies leads to the attainment of the sky element, which is an indicator of a pleasant wide future.

  • Preventing unfaithful relationships

The southwestern part of the house is considered very important for married relationships under Feng Shui. Therefore, any type of negative energy should be kept away from this part. Your dressing table should be kept in such a way that neither do you see your face nor your partners while sleeping at night.

  • Finding love for singles

Singles who are in search of love should use flowers to promote love. The pink color is the best option for the bedroom wall. Shades like Rose and Coral can attract your partner. Also, install artwork, landscape, rose wallpapers in your room. Place the crystals in the southwest corner of your room.

  • Improvement in health

If a person is worried about his health, he should always head north while sleeping. According to Feng Shui, you should not sleep with your face towards the water plant, Lake Picture, mirror, etc. Slippers and shoes should be removed when entering the house. Do not come from outside wearing slippers and shoes at home.

  • Improving temper

Allow the sunlight and natural air inside the house. Place green plants in the house.  A crystal pencil locket can be used. It prevents anger and irritability. Keeping crystal balls makes the surrounding environment happy.  Also, noise can irritate you and trigger your anger, so avoid living on a crowded or busy street.

  • Boosting your career or business

In Feng Shui, a horse is considered a form of promotion and progress. If you want to progress, you can keep a horse statue or a picture in the south direction of the house. The horse should never be kept with the bridle.

  • Growth and success of children

For the development and success of children, put their pictures in the metal frame in the west direction of the house. By placing a crystal globe in the western direction on the children's studying table, increase the chances of success and prosperity.

  • Improve fertility

According to feng shui, blockage of chi can cause infertility. Women should sleep on the right side of the bed and men on the left side for improving fertility.  Do not keep sharp objects like knives, scissors in the bedroom.