January 1, 2018 Blog

Some things that you should know about the super power of Number 11


All numbers stand for quantity as well as qualities. Number 11 is usually described the most because of the original energy that it expresses.It is unique as it has all the aspects of the number 2. A number with inborn duality which, it walks between greatness and self-destruction. People with the master number 11 are an inspiration for many, without much effort. Known for a great deal of energy and a strong intuition, the number 11 people are a powerhouse of energy. Creative ideas, thoughts and understanding comes to them naturally, which gives them the capacity of invention. Some known inventors, spiritual leaders, artists and leading figures in history had number 11 very prominent in their chart. To have this number, you are either born in the 11th or 29th, i.e. 2+9 = 11.

With the positives of having some great abilities, the people with master number 11 often get engaged in their own criticism. They are very self-conscious and it happens lot many times that they try to blend in with everyone, but still feel out of place. The individuals with the master number 11 are blessed with a lot of opportunities, and for that they need to develop themselves so that they can make maximum from it. Experts suggest them to concentrate majorly on their internal development so that they can materialize the challenges. Another point to be kept in mind is that, success comes to them only after you have progressed along your path. Ample opportunities will come in front of you at an early age, but their real success will be evident a little later in life.

Spiritually, the meaning of 11 is that you have a high spiritual insight and a strong intuition. Highly sensitive and high on empathy, you also have a natural intelligence.11 also being the root of the other master numbers, 22. When you have the number 11, people might consider you over matured. The reason being that you have special abilities to understand and sympathize with others and your suggestions similar to the suggestions of a 50-60 years old.

So everyone out there with the power number 11, learn to harness your positive energy for the greater good!