January 1, 2018 Blog

Effect Of Vastu In Building A Happy WorkPlace


Vaastu is an art of structures and placing through which one can make balance between negative & positive energies. Below is a brief analysis of harmonious Vastu for work place that can help in stability and enhancement of luck for individuals -

  • Office in a public place is more beneficial in spite of lonely place. There should be good hustle and bustle of crowd and traffic. The office building surrounded by the running roads is very prosperous.
  • The office building facing the north, northeast, northwest or northeast is said to be very prosperous. These directions are very auspicious. Good luck and good energies always come from these directions.
  • Facing the north or east while working is very auspicious and makes you feel fresh. North is a direction of kuber, the god for money, while having a trading work business. If you are a professional or in a service industry the east direction is good. East direction is a sun rise direction, it gives growth in all senses.
  • If your workstation faces the north, keep your files, folders and any electronic gadgets like computer etc. on the left side of your table. However, if your workstation faces the east, make sure that the aforementioned office paraphernalia is kept on the right side of your table.
  • Your worktable should be a regular shape, such as a square or a rectangle. L-shaped or irregularly shaped tables are not auspicious. An ideal table is one that has four corners. Irregular shapes create confusion.
  • Do not place idols or images of deities on your desk, as this is not considered respectful. God have been understood as supereme power, and the place provided to the god idols should be separte from the day to day things. The idols should be provided a separate place.
  • Avoid eating food at your workstation/table. It is understood as the workstation is only meant for working and dealing the business, other kind of work should not be performed on the table.
  • Do not read magazines or indulge in other forms of time passing activities while sitting at your working table. Reading and sleeping on the tables creates negative and slow energies in the business area.
  • Files in the office should be kept on the western sides of the wall. The sensitive files of court cases and taxation matters to be kept on the northeastern side.
  • Bank papers and the bank files to be kept in the southwestern areas. The kesar or kumkum tilak should be applied on the banks and account books.
  • Cash safe should also be kept on the southwestern part in the office. This is the stable direction and the cash kept here gives a stable effect.
  • Head of the office should be made to occupy the southwestern part of the office. The southwestern part of the office is very strong. It may help the head of the office to control and manage the whole staff and associates. This may give the head a stable business.