January 1, 2018 Blog

Psychology Of Colour – Feng Shui Tips


Feng Shui of Color Yellow - Sunny, Nourishing, Happy - Fire or Earth Element -The fengshui shade of daylight, happy and inspiring yellow dependably lights up any home or office. Yellow shading likewise makes comfortable, inviting fengshui vitality in your kitchen, family room  or kids' rooms.

  • Feng Shui of Red Color - Passion, Courage, Romance
  • Green Color Feng Shui - Growth, Health, Vibrancy
  • Feng Shui of Color Orange - Social, Open, Optimistic
  • White Color Feng Shui - Innocence, Freshness, New Beginnings
  • Blue Color Feng Shui - Calm, Tranquility, Peace
  • Purple Color Feng Shui - Royal, Mysterious, Noble
  • Feng Shui of Color Pink - Gentle, Soothing, Loving
  • Feng Shui of Color Black - Unknown, Infinite, Absorbing