January 1, 2018 Blog

What Is The Difference Between Chinese And Western Numerology?


Both Chinese as well as western Numerology are systems of divination based on numbers in a person’s life, like date of birth, and name. Even though both methods are dependent on symbols to communicate, each of them differs greatly.Western or Pythagorian Method is the most popular and widely used system used by experts in the west, whereas Chinese Numerology is totally different and often used system.
Pythagorian numerology associates each number with its deep- rooted and intense personality, Chinese Numerology on the other hand takes into consideration the sounds the numbers make when they’re spoken and is further based on lucky and unlucky theorem based on the sound the number makes, i.e., negative and positive, if a number sounds similar to a word that is considered negative or unlucky, that number too will be taken into account as unlucky and vice versa.
Chinese Numerology is more into luck( both good and bad). However, luck is a concept that is considered insignificant in Western or Pythagorian Numerology, instead in this method the positive and negative qualities are possessed by the number itself and it is upto the individual to make the best possible from each number and to manifest the most positive vibe.
Also, astrological signs are divided by years in Chinese Numerology, that is, the Chinese believe that people who are born in same year tend to share the same traits. Western Numerology on the other hand separates them according to months, the western method groups people on a monthly basis. Chinese emphasise more on generational differences whereas the Pythagorian or western method focus more psychological traits.