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Collective Message: The hierophant of Tarot legend is like a master of ceremonies, the proverbial man-made rulebook. Tradition, learning, and perhaps even a hint of stoicism are there. For some, this energy can trigger a series of past experiences and you may even have trouble with power. For others, it provides an opportunity to examine how to incorporate the idea of ofo - the way things should be done. Consider this: What do you want to show for December? Leaving aside the anonymous flag 5cr, that is.

Aries today: December 1, 2021

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A new beginning is coming, one that promises the kind of emotional satisfaction you may not have experienced before. But keeping tabs open on past connections and failures won't do you any good. Today is the day to write your farewell letters and summon them with the demons of your past. This is the only way to start over with a clean slate.

Cosmic Tip: As Ariana Grande says, "Break your demons because I'm bored."

Taurus Today: December 1, 2021

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Play it according to the rule book, Taurus. Just make sure what you follow aligns with your worldview. It's almost 2022 (we know!) And no one needs to keep track of what worked for generations past. Harmony and balance are at stake for you, both personally and romantically. If they are as committed as you are in this regard, you have become a gatekeeper.

Cosmic advice: find balance in all relationships and don't settle for less.

Gemini Today: December 1, 2021

gemini, gemini horoscope, today horoscope

There is a fine line between boldness and recklessness. If ever there was a time to sit patiently with your thoughts and weigh them down, now is the time. If you can't decide how to proceed, don't hesitate to ask for help. Someone who could already be your mentor will probably be helpful.

Cosmic tip: measure 99, cut once. Find a mentor who can help you simplify your ideas.

Cancer Today: December 1, 2021

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Today seems like the perfect day to decide how you want the next month to be. Think about this, it's New Year’s Eve, what are the four things at hand that bring you joy? It does not matter if it is tangible or not, as long as it arouses joy, it deserves a place. Once you're done, write a unique spell that confirms your given wishes as you prepare to watch the miracles unfold.


Cosmic Tip: Time to co-create some magic, my dear!

Leo Today: Dec 1, 2021

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You may feel like you can't do much today, Leo. Really, even the smallest decisions can throw you into a problem. The advice is simple: watch your thoughts like clouds in the sky. You have the luxury of taking a day off and drinking hot chocolate while you do it, dare I say you deserve it? Remember, you may or may not have an epiphany in the process, and that's okay. It’s better to abandon each and every expectation.

Cosmic advice: watch your thoughts. That is all!

Virgo today: December 1, 2021

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The famous Virgo once said, "Rules help control fun!" Today you can sit down with the idea of how things should work versus how they develop naturally. Do you leave enough room for spontaneity in your day/week/month? Or even your year? Can you make it up by doing at least one thing every day without planning the outcome? As you enter the last month of the year, where can you test your limits?

Cosmic advice: thought vs. intuition. Think about which one works best for you.

Libra today: December 1, 2021

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Today you may be tempted to push your limits, Libra. But before you answer yes to all the invitations, consider the practicality of social media. However, there is nothing wrong with partying once in a while, and you don't want to end up in a situation that is difficult to get out of in the end. For others, homesickness can be heavily influenced by visions of dial-up internet and/or wired phones. This is your horoscope to see that old friend!

Cosmic tip: All good things are in balance, including social obligations.

Scorpio Today: December 1, 2021

scorpio, scorpio horoscope, today horoscope

Do you feel like you have too much on your plate? Take a few steps back, Scorpio. You're in love in the middle of a big change, and sometimes it's best to watch from the sidelines. A bright new beginning may be far on the horizon, but the path to it seems difficult at worst and unclear at best. Trust his intuition to help you navigate through this dark time, even if it's a slow pace at a time.

Cosmic advice: when you can't find a way out, consult the oracle.

Sagittarius today: December 1, 2021

sagittarius, sagittarius horoscope

The best thing to do today is to put your phone in airplane mode. Now, listen to us. Instead of scrolling through your feed, seeing other people's moments of glory, and buying things you don't need, how about a relaxing day with a little light jazz and a scented candle? Nobody uses words like exhaustion or exhaustion, ever. It is simply on the verge of change. In times of beginnings and endings, sometimes you just need to tune into the world.

Cosmic tip: the phone is in airplane and feet mode today!

Capricorn Today: December 1, 2021

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Dare you say you could have a lot on your plate, Capricorn? Okay okay, we know you can do it all, but today you feel like baking sourdough, hosting brunch, keeping up with the new Netflix series, and answering work emails at the same time. Try this size, it's okay to ask for help. You have supportive people who will be happy to share your burden, even if you need to get rid of your emotions.

Cosmic tip: Try this season's fashion trends, be vulnerable about how you feel.

Aquarius Today: December 1, 2021

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You are in the lead today Aquarius! A new project unleashes all kinds of appropriate emotions. This not only prompts you to try new things, but it's time for a chance to put all your skills to work. You are in a position to captain this new ship and this comes with a renewed sense of purpose and self-confidence.

Cosmic Tip: Something new is coming that will thrill you!

Pisces today: December 1, 2021

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Sometimes things end naturally, Pisces, and what we can do to get over it is to know that the sun always rises the next day. So, remember all that is blessed and beautiful. The good things that surround you now and in every moment. As you keep your focus on being grateful for who you are, a new beginning may come. But remember that miracles happen when you least expect them.

Cosmic Tip: Make a gratitude list that has nothing to do with someone else.

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