September 29, 2021 Blog

5 Vastu Tips for Instant Career Growth - Starzspeaks


Did you lose your job during the pandemic?

Are you waiting for a raise?

Would you like to grow significantly in your career?

Since last year, the lockdown has affected the mental health of almost everyone, but the only thing that has left us all seriously stressed throughout this year is our careers. The correct answer to each question is Vastu's best function. According to Vastu, here are some tips and tricks that can guide you on your chosen path. So, let’s take a quick dive into it.

Vastu Shastra is known as an “ancient Indian science of design and construction” that helps us to improve many areas of our lives by balancing the various elements of nature. Hence, it’s very useful. Now let's get down to business.

Following below are 5 tips from Vastu that guarantee instant career growth:

  1. When you are using laptops and smartphones at work, you need to be careful about the direction in which they are placed. Placing electronics in the southeast corner is beneficial for career growth. Also, you need to make sure that the wires and cables are loose and should not be visible on the table surface.
  1. The sitting style and work determines your career development. Though, you must avoid sitting cross-legged as it will hamper your progress in your running. Sitting in a high-backed chair in the office ensures a good height in the profession and working with proper discipline even when working from home is the key to growth.
  1. Working from home is a normal habit nowadays and this has led to the creation of workplaces at home. If you want the best results, you need to ensure that your home office / workplace is not next to the bedroom. Also, it would be nice to have a square / rectangular office desk. Try to avoid a Rounded desk in the office.
  1. Strong crystals lead to higher energy levels and are also associated with greater work efficiency. Trying to keep quartz crystals in the office which will provide better opportunities. Placing a bamboo plant on your desk will also come in handy.
  1. According to Vastu Science, keeping the head oriented to the east during sleep ensures good functional development. It improves concentration levels and promotes better mental energy. Always, try to sit and work towards the north. Make sure you have a solid wall on your back. This will keep you grounded. You should not have a window in the back of where you sit to work, as this will confuse and distract you.

Finally, believe in the universe and its magic. Follow these tips with pure intention and you are sure to see good results.

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