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Impact of Jupiter & Venus combination on Married Life


Impact of Jupiter & Venus combination on Married Life  

Jupiter and Venus are the two planets that represent men and women. These two planets, in particular, give the fruits of happiness, sorrow, coincidence, connection, and disconnection in married life.

Jupiter and Venus are both auspicious planets (benefic planets). The seventh house in the horoscope is the house of a life partner (spouse). The 'Seventh House' means the seventh house represents the physical relation and love life of a person. According to the position and influence of these two planets in this house, the happy or tragic fruit of marriage and marital happiness is found. Venus in the male horoscope is the factor of wife and marital happiness and Jupiter in the horoscope of the female. According to the places where both these planets are located in the horoscope of the male and female, and according to the places they see, one gets life partner and gets married happiness.

The rule of astrology is that Jupiter pollutes the fruit of the house in which it is (Jupiter has a bad effect on the house it is in) and gives auspicious results related to the feeling on which it is sighted. The woman or man in whose horoscope the Guru is seated in the seventh house is either married late or there is a decrease in the happiness of married life. Due to differences and problems between husband and wife, there is turmoil in the family.

The relationship between Jupiter and Venus with the seventh house is important in making a happy married life. A man, who has a Yut or vision from the seventh house and marriage factor Shuk Jupiter, gets a good life partner with beautiful qualities. If there is a Taurus or Libra sign in the seventh house of the horoscope of the groom, then he gets a beautiful wife.

Similarly, the woman who has a Yut or vision from Jupiter, from the seventh house and marriage factor in her horoscope, gets a handsome husband with beautiful and good values. Venus is also not considered auspicious for a successful married life in the seventh house like Jupiter. Venus of the seventh house makes a person more sensual, thereby strengthening the possibility of an extramarital affair. Due to extramarital affairs, happiness in household life is destroyed due to the trouble and suffering in marital life.

When Jupiter and Venus see the seventh house, in this situation the married life becomes successful, pleasant, and full of happiness. If Jupiter is afflicted by the Papakartari yoga in the Lagna, then its vision does not have an auspicious effect on the seventh house, in such a case that the seventh life is weak or with Venus, then the chances of a married and happy life are less. Everyone's wedding time, age, and marital life are very different from one another.

The position of Jupiter in the horoscope has the most impact on women's marriage and married life. But it is important for men as well.

How Jupiter affects women's marriages:

  • Due to weak Jupiter, women will neither get married nor can lead a happy married life.
  • Weak Jupiter represents a delay in marriage.
  • If Jupiter is bad then you have to suffer in marital life.
  • The corrupted Jupiter makes the character of women weak.
  • If Jupiter is placed right, then it keeps marriage and marital life right.

How Jupiter affects men's marriages: The marriage of men usually depends on Venus.

  • But all information about the wife comes from Jupiter only.
  • The color, form, nature, and synergy of a wife can be known by Jupiter.
  • If Jupiter is weak or moderate, then an ordinary wife is found.
  • If Jupiter is spoiled or corrupted then one gets a troublesome wife.
  • If Jupiter is strong then the wife is good but controlling.

All 9 planets have special significance in astrology. One of these nice planets is Venus. In Hinduism, this planet is given special importance. Venus is the lord of the zodiac signs Taurus and Libra. The planet Venus represents love, attraction, splendor, wealth, youth, lust, and beauty. The person whose Venus is strong is fortunate in the matters of love, whose Venus is weak they struggle to get even two moments of love. According to astrology, when the planet Venus is strong, a person has a strong relationship with his spouse. In astrology, Venus is considered as the female planet. Venus is the reason behind the marriage prospects in the horoscope. There is a special effect on marriage when the planet Venus sets up and rises. Weddings do not take place when this planet sets up. The people who live in a strong house of Venus in their horoscope have a beautiful life and a beautiful relationship with their spouse after marriage.

According to astrology, if Venus is sitting in a place of happiness in the fourth house in the horoscope then it gives all kinds of happiness to the person in life. Whether it is love pleasure or money. Overall, the life of a person is happy.

  • Venus being weak or strong in the horoscope means a lot; Venus in Pisces is considered high, while in Virgo is considered low.
  • The two zodiac signs are most affected by the death of the planet Venus. These zodiac signs are Libra and Taurus. When Venus planet starts to negatively influence these zodiac signs, these people begin to have money problems related to life.
  • If Venus meets the Sun, then married life is destroyed because Venus burns due to the heat of the Sun.
  • if Mars and Venus are combined, it is considered good
  • Venus and the moon's union is also going to take a love boat ahead.
  • But if Venus meets Rahu then negative things emerge.

Love is emotion. A person lives by love and always craves for love. Astrology plays an important role in understanding the strength and stability of relationships. As a result of the position of Venus, a person automatically begins to feel a tendency towards love. It is considered the factor of enjoyment.  Along with this, the lunar planet is the causative planet of the mind and is a highly fickle planet. Therefore, in the state of the moon, a person's mind starts wandering and his love affair can be established.

The Rahu has great influence in the horoscope; due to this, a person's love affairs are established very quickly. Rahu does not know about good and bad. Similarly, another planet Mercury can also be considered as the causative planet for love affairs. Mercury is a planet of intelligence. Venus and Jupiter are of great importance when it comes to happy married life. Everyone wishes for the auspicious position of these two planets in their horoscopes to live a pleasant, wealthy, and healthy married life.