May 4, 2020 Blog

Your May 2020 numerology horoscope


2020 has been about great change. As the year progresses on, each month has brought some news like the very recent Covid-19. So, most of us are concerned about how things are going to shape up in the near future.

To help you out though, astrology and numerology are the most basic tools to predict what’s coming your way. Between both of them, numerology is considered as a more reliable as it explicates about your relationships, career, love and so on.

So, let’s have look what your sun number has to say about the way things are going to unfold in the month of May.

Sun Number 1
People with sun numbers as 1 are most likely to excel in their career or education. May is your month to shine and grab opportunities to turn them into reality.
This month will inculcate the quality of decision making, that is, you’ll be able to make your decision wisely. But that requires you to give up on short-term goals.
Also, you are going to enjoy the good synergy forming with your partner. May will provide that spark in your relationships once again. Do not worry if you are single, as it is your month to meet with new people and develop strong relationships.

Sun Number 2
Pray to the almighty to scrap the names of other months and replace them with May because this month is about glory. May 2020 will be about exploring your sensitive and caring side.
These attributes of yours are going to engage you in those activities where you have command over situations and ensure harmony and peace. Also, this is going to reflect in your personal relationships as you are going to lead the way and dominate positively.
May is on the verge splashing you with optimism as you might be blessed with some financial rewards. Still some care is essential in order to keep away from chaos. Moreover, if you are stuck in any legal activity, then there are some good reasons for you to be delighted this month.

Sun Number 3
May is set to add joy and leisure to life stuck between work and confusions. This month brings to you the opportunity to sit back and have some time for yourself. This can be achieved whether you spend time family or have a trip.
Another thing that can help your positive mood is to seek advice and share your feelings with whom you can rely upon. You have a chance to be an advisor or consultant for others this month. This is because your sun number allows you to understand others.

Sun Number 4
You will be served with a little exhaustion this month if you have your sun number as 4. May month is about hard work and getting on your toes to work for you. The earlier half is going to drain you out of energy due to your daily work and tasks.
The later half will be eased as you will notice things fall into place. You will earn your rewards for your hard work. Also, your relationships especially long term ones will have lesser complications. Every doubt you have in your partner will be at bay and the bond will be firmer.

Sun Number 5
Having the sun number 5 isn’t fortunate as things won’t unfold as you wish in May 2020. A sphere of dilemma and emotions will hinder your progress in various fields. The motivation that was attached to you till now seems to be vanishing.
Your energy and inner turmoil do not allow you step forward. Hence, the best option available is to be patient and deal with the circumstances calmly.
Also, you can approach your mentors or advisors to seek help and calm yourself.

Sun Number 6
This month is meant to be selfless and have a caring attitude towards others. This is basically pertaining to your relationships. You have strong influencing force that may incline you towards deep commitments or heart breaks.
‘Honesty is the best policy’ is your quote of the month. Being honest and diligent to your work and colleagues can soar you high in your career. Also, avoid getting into any form of speculation that may turn towards being ugly.

Sun Number 7
For those with the sun number 7, May 2020 is going to be as spiritual and the month of self-discoveries. It presents you the opportunity to find the reason for your existence and getting away from hustle and bustle of your life.
Getting indulged into books and meditation are the two likely activities that you may fall for this month. Also, you can avoid social life and try to find new interests while discovering what has been lost amid the daily routine chaos.
At last, try to spend time with your loved ones and gain their experience, for that is an essential factor behind your growth as an individual.

Sun Number 8
Risks and rewards are the opposite faces of a coin. So, this is your time to explore more and assume certain risks. Do not try to hold back or else you might lose a career-defining opportunity. If you are self-employed, then more of investments must be made as they can be fruitful.
But in the matter of love and relationships, you may hold yourself back. Your past fears may resist you to start fresh but do not worry much. May 2020 is a prosperous month for you to grow and rise in your personal relationships.

Sun Number 9
Your emotions are going to influence your decisions this month. Any past disappointment as in a divorce, trust issues with the colleagues or insecurity about your partner are the biggest boulders in your path.
The best solution to such problems is to indulge yourself into productive activities. May 2020 might prove to be a revolution in the way you perceive things. This emotional turmoil might raise your anxiety levels but everything has a reason and at last it is for a good cause.