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How to judge education horoscope in astrology


How to judge education horoscope in astrology

Education is one of the most important parts of our life, needs to be taken care of as getting educated is one of our rights. Hence, it is vital to acquire it. It is usually perceived as acquiring knowledge through studies. Rather, education is much wider than what we think. It is also about learning the basics of life along with acquiring knowledge in respective fields. It is a tool available at us dispense to shape our lives and lead them with dignity.

Astrology has some of these great and deep truths to reveal about education. Different astrological houses such as 2nd, 4th, and 5th dominate different fields of knowledge. For example, Saturn is directly related to history and Mercury to accounts and finance. Moreover, Jupiter and Saturn are major planets playing the key role.

Knowing about these houses and planets isn’t enough. But for success in your education field, one thing that needs to be done is to keep the respective gods and planets in a good state. Different houses and planets influence your education at every stage of life. So, it becomes a necessity to keep them content and have useful knowledge in our pockets.

Education and 2nd house

Early life education, that is primary education is influenced by the 2nd house in astrology. Planets like Saturn have a say over this. Learning about manners and etiquette is one of those activities that we acquire as a part of our primary education. Also, how we are introduced to the world is a major part of it.

Thus, to get these things in shape, Saturn and Rahu need to be pleased and in order for them to shower their blessings over us. Else, you may observe a delay in learning about new things.

Education and 4th house

Mental ability and capacity are the two factors that are guided by the 4th house in astrology. This means that ability to grasp and learn new things are directly influenced by it. More than 50% of such traits are under the strength of the lord belonging to the 4th house.

Hence, grasping and learning power gain pace only when the lord and the planet are satisfied. In any case, one of them is dissatisfied then you may have to face hindrance in your education which could prove massive.

Education and 5th house

5th house in combination with the 4th one influences grasping power as a whole. Moreover, it determines how quickly will an individual be able to grasp knowledge and other useful aspects.

Such a learning pattern thus decides whether the individual will be able to clear higher education and move on to graduation. Not only learning but also analytical skills are controlled by this house. Having good relation with the 5th house thus promotes analytical thinking as well.

Higher Education and 9th house

Planets involved with the 9th house as per astrology are Jupiter and Mercury. These planets have an influencing power over what field you choose for higher education. Getting into finance, medical, development, social or economics might be your preference but the actual reason behind that is your relation with the 9th house.

Mercury and intelligence

Mercury is all about intelligence. It is the real determining factor of how you react to different situations. Working together with Jupiter and Guru, Mercury brings a balance to life and education. It imparts a rare vision to you to foresee what’s coming ahead and how do you deal with that.

Venus and Mars

Venus and Mars together determine your success in the field of engineering and medicine. Having trouble with either of them would lead to restricted growth in your education and growth. 


It is one of those planets that majorly influence what you choose as your educational field. Saturn is connected with the earth and its surface thus it will determine your way ahead in mining, petroleum and ore extractions. Such type of education is a necessity to have for satisfying our needs for fuel and minerals. Therefore, you must keep Saturn at peace while choosing for activities related to earth.

All such houses and planets discussed above are the true reasons behind what education you imbibe but the 5th house is superior among all of them. If there’s any mutation in any one of the houses except for 5th then it does not pose much threat. Instead, if there’s a problem with the 5th house only, then a stunted growth in education waits for you.

Similarly, the 8th house is a major influencing factor when it comes to mythological study and developing and outlook dedicated to astrology. Keeping 8th house at good strength ensures good future prospects as an astrologer.