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Your Sun Number in Numerology


Your Sun Number in Numerology

A lot of us get puzzled between our zodiac sign and sun number. Yes, both of them are calculated keeping in mind the date of birth and month but actually have different interpretations. Your sun number can truly help in determining the way you handle your relationships, deal with changes in life and more.

It is easy to figure out your sun number rather than depending on someone to calculate it for you. Just add your month and day of birth and then condense it to a single digit. Thus, the sun number will always range from 1-9. Let’s get on with it and find out what your Sun Number really tells about you.

Sun Number 1
If you have your sun number as 1, then it reflects that you are stubborn about your things. The trait that separates you from rest is your determination towards a piece of work.
You often tend to overlook the storm brewing ahead and its signs. Thus, it is an offset for you as it can shatter you and would be difficult to heal that. Your relations often detach in a short period as your demanding attitude ruins it.

Sun Number 2
Having the sun number as 2 highlights your caring attitude. You tend to examine the consequences of a situation and think about it beforehand. Sharing is caring is a great tagline to attach with your demeanor.
Secondly, you are a passionate lover and always take a back step when it’s about your partner. Thus, your partner always feels comforting when he/she spends time with you.

Sun Number 3
Optimism is your shadow that follows you everywhere if you are an individual with 3 as Sun Number. Innovation and creativity are the two outshining traits and demarcate you from rest.
You tend to follow the path of creativity and innovation to deal with challenges thrown at you. Talking about your personal life, you are skeptical about it and often flaky as well.

Sun Number 4
4 as a Sun Number is evident about the fact that you stand firm on your decisions and often resist changes. What works for you are your efforts towards a certain task or work.
Continuous and focused efforts will lead you to perfection. One thing about you that isn’t friendly is your lack of empathy and skeptical nature towards other beings.

Sun Number 5
With Sun Number as 5, individuals are always open to changes. You must be the most passionate about working in a dynamic nature. Rather than following a strict path to success, you tend to fall for a path with ups and downs that is, acting as per the moment. But, this nature of yours can be a threat to punctuality especially discipline.

Sun Number 6
What’s the most dignified thing about Sun? It can shine and spread it without expecting anything in return. Your Sun Number as 6 reflects the same.
You have a great attitude towards other human beings as you are on your toes to help others without expectations. Your love for them makes them offer you the same.
Talking about love, you tend to cross the boundaries too often which is what your partner desires for.

Sun Number 7
As a 7, you are too careful about the things that unfold around you. Face value intrigues you to take a dive into the deep knowledge of it. Thus, it indicates your curiosity level is too high to match.
Also, you tend to hide your emotions and control them within yourself just like an introvert does. When it comes to personal relations, you look for internal peace rather than getting attached to physical appearances. Thus, your partner has a great affinity towards you and prefers to have a long-term attachment.

Sun Number 8
Being an 8 comes with great leadership quality and an affinity to control things. Thus, you always fall towards having a charge of things under you and pave a path for others to follow. Although, sometimes this seems to be aggressive when you can’t control certain events such as changes in the environment around you. Despite having such an attitude, you never try to control your partner rather providing them the care and love they expect.

Sun Number 9
Your Sun being 9 Number directs you to have a global consciousness and thus indulging in serving the nation as a militant or a political leader. You tend to strategize the work to be done and still have welcoming gratitude for changes.

Despite all of that, there’s always one thing about you that isn’t amicable and that’s providing your emotions an outlet. You are often shy about your emotions and don’t let them escape. This trait of yours doesn’t get you attached emotionally to someone easily.
Your Sun Number says a lot about how you deal with different situations in your life. Be it career, love, behavior or personality, Sun Number has something to say to each one of them. Hence, it becomes important to find out what’s your Sun Number and whether it has some mysterious truth to reveal about you.