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How are Education and Astrology Linked


How Are Education and Astrology Linked 
Often we see that even after acquiring possession/positions, we leave or join another business or start doing multiple companies simultaneously. The main reason for this is the position of the planets in the horoscope.
Education has an important role in making civilized and cultured and in this era of a responsible citizen, economic and competitiveness, good results can be achieved by choosing the right and right medium or subject. How much education a person will receive or what he is interested in studying can be known through the birth journal. Most parents and students remain concerned about what to study for a good career, given the age of today it can be useful to choose education through astrology.
In today's era, wishing to maintain the standard of education of our family and all of our people, in today's time, all parents or guardians are also concerned about their children's education and giving them good education Let's try. In ancient times, I used to be a gurukula and the job of a Brahmin was to impart education. I used to study while living in a student ashram, but gradually over time, there has been a lot of change in the form of education, in present times the nature of education has changed a lot. According to the demands and pitfalls of today's time and unity, it is considered necessary to obtain a good education to obtain a good livelihood. Education-wise, I can prove to be helpful for the sustenance and progress of the nation. In modern times, the child gets some education and later in the business something else happens. Can I be helped in the field of education of a child based on the calculation of Jyoti, in which field to get an education, according to the horoscope, it is necessary to consider the expressions related to education so that it is possible to succeed in the same field. It is not that education is directly related to the second, fourth and fifth houses.

After considering these expressions in detail, select the education sector so that success can be achieved.

The second house is also called Kutumb Bhavan. The child receives all the rites from his family environment up to the age of five. The rites for a child for five years form the basis of the next life. Therefore, education received from the family from the second house or sacrament is known. This sense of family also tells about the family environment. The primary role of this feeling is about the child's early education. One does not get formal education as a child, he also gets the same feeling of success in life, I have seen this type of child opening up to other expressions.

The fourth house is also called the happiness of the horoscope. After elementary education, the level of schooling is seen in this sense. Based on this feeling, the astrologer is also able to tell the level of education of the child. He can guide the child in choosing the subject. The fourth sense is considered to be the beginning of the foundation of education on which the future livelihood rests on the knowledge of the alphabet from education to school.

The fifth house is considered the most important emotion in education. Education provided in this sense helps in livelihood. Education that is considered useful for doing a job or occupation is considered with a fifth understanding. Emotion has an essential role in choosing the right subjects for livelihood.

The planet providing education is considered to be the causative planet of intelligence. The planet of knowledge is considered the causative planet of knowledge and mathematics. The child who is in a good position in the horoscope has good mathematics. If both Mercury and Guru are in a good position in the child's horoscope, then the level of education will also be good. Regardless of whether these two planets belong to the center or triangle, the level of education will be good. It is also necessary to consider the planets and planetary expressions related to the education of the horoscope, but it is very important to make special assessments related to the position of the master of these expressions and the position of the planets in education. This is good, but still, the level of education is not very good, because the emotions and planets in the horoscope of the class are in a weak state.

For which subject a student should study since childhood, we can take the following four courses (subjects) - Mathematics, Biology, Arts and Commerce –

If the causative planet Mercury is related to the Lagna nakshatra of the native, then he is successful in mathematics. If Mercury is well and auspicious, the chances of mastering it in mathematics increases. If Saturn and Mars make a connection, the native is skilled in machinery work. Apart from this, there is the combination of Mars and Rahu, the tenth Mercury and the sight of Mars on the Sun, the relationship of Saturn and Rahu, the relationship of Moon and Mercury, the tenth Rahu and the horoscope. Technical Education.

The zodiac sign of the Sun, the relationship between the sixth and tenth house / Bhavesh, the relationship of the Sun and Mars, etc. are factors of study in the medical field. If Lagna / Lagnaesh and Dasam / Dasamesh are related to Ashwini, Magha or Mool Nakshatra then you get success in the medical field.

Fifth and reason are the pain of the teacher is a factor of study in the field of art. They can complete a survey of auspicious planets on them. The sight-relation relationship of sinful planets hinders investigation in the field of Vastu dosh. The eighth and tenth relationship with Saturn and Rahu will succeed in the political arena. If the 10th house is related to Sun, Mars, Guru or Venus, the person becomes a judge.

If the Lagna is related to the guru with Mercury, then the native studies commerce successfully.

Significant totals of suitable educational qualification: -

  1. Secondary or Jupiter is located in the center of the triangle.
  2. The position or sight of Mercury in the fifth house or the combination of Jupiter and Venus.
  3. In the fifth house of Panchamesh, be combined with Jupiter or Shudakra.
  4. Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury should be in the center of the triangle.

 Lack of educational qualification: -

  1. Observe the position of Saturn in the fifth house and it's ascendant.
  2. The location of inauspicious planets or the status of inauspicious planets on the fifth house.
  3. Be in the fifth zodiac sign and have sight from inauspicious planets.