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Numerology: Know Your Lucky Number and Auspicious colors


Numerology: Know Your Lucky Number and Auspicious colors 

Radicals in numerology predict the future of any person. Radix is the sum of the digits of the date of birth. Understand, if a person is born on the 22nd, the radix will be 4. Because of adding the numbers of the date of birth, the sum is 2 + 2 = 4. Also, if a person is born on the 11th of the month, then his radius will be 1 + 1 = 2. Now we know the daily horoscope according to the radix.

Number 1 - People who are in government jobs have a chance of promotion. The husband and wife will be good. There will be vain journeys, though. Invest wisely in business and business. Profit possibilities are not high. There will be an inclination towards spirituality. New friends will be made.

Lucky number -15

Auspicious color - White 

Number 2 - People will like your work. The good news will be received in the evening. With marital stagnation, there will be a quarrel between the spouses. Do not compromise against your charges at any cost. Today you will get fame. You will have a pleasant time with your siblings.

Lucky number - 35

Auspicious  color - Dark Red

Number 3 - Can apply for a new job. Time will be spent with lovers today. The work will be completed. A relative may have to move here with the family. You can go to a favorite place.

Lucky number - 31

Auspicious  color - Purple

Number 4 - Avoid eating junk food today, or else you may fall ill. People will have to face it, but you will not care about them. You can travel but will be sick.

Lucky number - 26

Auspicious color - lemon

Number 5 - Can go to any function or party. False accusations may occur—fear of humiliation and slander. A new action plan will be created, but you will work with a carelessness which could not be more beneficial. Money is expected to cost more.

Lucky number - 15

Auspicious color - Orange

Number 6 - Relationships with brothers may deteriorate. Time is suitable for students. Love will increase stress. Take him for a leisurely walk. There is a possibility of getting sick. Take care of your health today and take important decisions.

Lucky number - 17

Auspicious color - yellow

Number 7 - You will talk to a friend on the phone today. We can go to a party etc. Health will fluctuate. You will feel a lack of confidence. Do not let it dominate you. The mind will be happy with work. Career time is right.

Lucky number - 10

Auspicious color - Pink

Number 8 - You will be emotional today. One wrong decision can bring significant changes. Sweet behavior with a spouse or girlfriend will bring happiness in life. With the advice of your wife, you will get opportunities for luck and progress. Time will pass with your child.

Lucky number - 6

Auspicious color - Red

Number 9 - Some good news can be heard. Relationship with spouse will improve. New relationships can be formed. The sum of marriage is visible. Connections will be made with influential people. For those who want to travel abroad, this is the right time.

Lucky number - 1

Auspicious color - Blue