March 17, 2020 Blog

Best Succulents for Zodiac Signs


Plants are the future of our generation, the more we learn to blend with them, the better it will be for us. Indoor plants are known as the best way to purify the air inside and breathe in fresher air. For this, you have to know about the right plant which is meant for the purpose.

Succulents are in trend as indoor plants given how beautiful they look and obviously their easy availability. Based on the succulent definition, you don’t even need to water them too much or take care of them as you would of other plants, which is why they have become a popular option. If you are interested in buying succulents but don’t know which type of succulents, read on to find out which succulent you can buy based on your zodiac sign.

Being the first of fire signs, an Aries wishes to be very present in the space it has been placed which is exactly what Echeveria Chroma does. It is weird and shows its presence when placed inside, hence it goes very well with the Aries personality.

One can very easily connect laziness to a Taurus along with being comfortable with what they do. This shows how much they prefer their own zone which makes zebra cactus plants the perfect plant for them. It is a slow-growing succulent that needs almost no succulent care at all and competes well with the laziness of Taurus.

What could be prickly and moody just like our Gemini? Bunny ears cactus is the right depiction of the personalities that Geminis have like they are always ready to bite someone. They need to be handled with care just like the emotions of a Gemini.

When you look at Cancer, you instantly feel those homey vibes coming off of them. a succulent that goes with their characteristics is definitely something that is more beautiful and décor material than the succulents we choose for the rest of the zodiac. Any of the hanging succulent types is definitely something they would buy.


Leos loves to stand out of the crowd which is why the succulent they choose has to be equally bold and powerful. Echeveria Coppertone is the one that will suit them because the yellow color in it is what clearly says loud and bold. It becomes the start of the room, just like Leos.


Forever the helpful ones that just can’t look away from the one who needs help. This is why a plant that heals and has such properties is the one Virgo would buy. Aloe Vera is the one that suits them the most and the simplicity of it is what will also pull them towards it.


Libras love to be the social butterfly and they clearly adore pretty things. Everything around them has to be perfect in order of their people-pleasing personality. Cotyledon happy young lady is surely the one that will catch their eye because of its subtle beauty and exotic charm.


The dark side of Scorpios is extremely popular and they are the ones known for their passion and that dark side especially. For them, something that is different from your basic plants and depicts passion truly, like the sempervivum is perfect. It is a black and hearty plant which is a true depiction of the Scorpio personality.

thorns succulent

Sagittarius are cheerful and easy-going people. Something that will catch their eye will be equally bright and beautiful like the crown of thorns succulent. This is also a mirror of their surprising personalities where you might get more than you came in for.

prickly plant

Capricorns are known for their surviving nature. No matter what condition you put them in, they will sail through it with their powerful mind. Hence, the donkey’s tail which is a prickly plant that can survive under all conditions is something a Capricorn would love to have in their homes and anywhere around them.

Gollum succulent

Any plant that looks even a tad bit crazy is the one Aquarius would want to buy. They are always thinking of something out of the box which is exactly what the Gollum succulent looks like. It is different than all the other plants you will see.

crassula buddha’s temple plant

Pisces are always seeking their spiritual side and wish to achieve that peace in their life. Creating that zen garden or even the zen feeling around them is probably on their list which is why crassula buddha’s temple is the plant they should be buying for themselves.
Having some green around you is a great addition to the décor and if you buy a plant-based on your zodiac you feel better than you would by buying literally any plant. We feel that connect instantly with something is a reflection of us even in the slightest. Hence, the next time you buy a succulent you surely will think of your zodiac.