March 12, 2020 Blog

12 ways to make your relationship strong and happy


The definition of a good relationship has changed as we have progressed through the years. Today, men and women are both equal parts of a relationship and none of them are repressed counterparts. Then, what is it that your relationship might still lack? Read on to find out how you can make your relationship stronger than ever and be happy individually and together.

  1. Communicate till you can’t speak
    Communication is a much-needed part of any relationship, be it life in the relationship or you might be simply dating. Without honest communication, it all goes down the drain. You have to be able to tell your partner what you feel and in the moment you feel it. Holding things in only leads to resentment which paves way for bitterness and a failed relationship. Don’t let that happen to yourself and just have soulful conversations with the one you love.
  1. Honesty is the best policy
    No man or woman feels better when being dishonest, we tend to stumble upon trouble more when lying. A good relationship starts with being truthful about things because dishonesty only leads to more issues. We are all human beings who are bound to make mistakes at one point but there is no harm in being honest about them and simply admitting that we are at fault. The more open and honest you are, the more understanding you both will develop with each other.
  1. Bridge the gap
    We all have heard the term ‘being on the same page’. Ensure that you and your love interest are always on the same page about how you feel about each other. This gap is what becomes the bridge between a couple, which one can easily cross by simply being more vocal about things.  
  1. Empathize with your partner
    It is often said that a lot of people listen to what you are saying, only to reply to what you are saying. A good partner is the one who understands the one they love and empathize with their troubles and happiness. Try to understand the emotions that might be building up inside them and when you truly feel them equally as your partner does, that is when your relationships healthy. There couldn’t be a better relationships advice.
  1. Trust your partner
    Jealousy and being suspicious of the one you are dating can lead to issues that are unnecessary. You have to learn to trust the person you chose to be with. You will receive the same trust from them only if you do it first. As much as they are your partner, they are an individual as well and as much you grow together by trusting each other, you won’t grow individually.
  1. Believe in your better half
    We all have insecurities that make us doubt ourselves. We expect our partners to understand that we have those within us. Believe that none of us are perfect and there will be times each of you will make stupid decisions out of those insecurities. This is when you truly have to believe in your partner and understand where they are coming from, as per relationships rules.
  1. Respect their privacy
    No matter what relationships status, we all are individuals who have their own personalities. There will be times when you end up with someone who is totally different from you but you still end up loving them. This is when your understanding of their privacy and boundaries will come in handy. You have to know that they will still have things that they would wish to do with their friends and family and one should always respect that.
  1. Healthy conversations
    The importance of a healthy conversation in all relationship types can’t be emphasized enough. It is very easy for a simple conversation about the smallest thing to take an ugly turn. Also, it is always the small things that hurt the most, so try to say what you have to in the most organized way possible. Oriented conversations are more fruitful than the ones where we are constantly trying to remind each other of past mistakes.
  1. Your goals still matter
    Individual goals are as important as your goals as a couple. Giving up things that you planned for yourself should not be the scenario. Rather find ways in which you can incorporate each other in what you wish to do in your life. It should be about growing as individuals and fulfilling your own goals while uplifting the one you love. A strong relationship is clear when both of you work hard.
  1. Accept the change
    We change all the time for reasons we can’t explain even to ourselves but that is the beauty of life. Your partner will go through the same and it is on you to make them feel comfortable about that change when they aren’t comfortable with it themselves. A lot of relationships end with the fact that the other person changed but if we accept all of those changes and try to work with them, our relationships would be much stronger.
  1. Keep your word
    All types of relationships are based around the things we say while we are with them and we tend to hold onto each word they say to us. Hence, make sure you make no false promises and always keep your word on the ones you make. The promises that we tend to break are the ones that hurt both people in the relationship, later on.
  1. Open up yourself
    Every relationship comes with certain expectations that you would share a part of yourself with your partner that no one else knows of. This plays a really important role in defining how strong you are as a couple which is why one should open up to their partners in the right amount and on the stages of the right relationship so that there are no grey areas.