March 11, 2020 Blog

Astrological remedies for Students Educational Success


Education is the fourth basic necessity, three other are food, shelter, and clothing. Education is rightly called the base of life or in other words, we can say it the basic laying foundation for overall success.  As far as education is considered, it is having a lot of importance in our life. The significance of education doesn't reflect only in our lives but also in other aspects also. With the help of education, a person gets the basic requirements fulfilled. He balances his life perfectly. It makes a person spiritually strong and strength of our mental health.

If we see the connection between Astrology and education, there is no direct link between these two but with the help of astrology, we can increase our learning power and can overcome the difficulties associated with learning. It also helps us in showing the path where we can choose the right career in education. Up to some level, there is no matter of choice in Education but at higher levels, you need to choose between the subjects, streams, etc. Astrology helps parents to choose the right thing for their children.

So in short, astrology helps in choosing the right education with the right career path for the children. Here we are going, to sum up, some astrological remedies which will help your child in getting Educational Success and wisdom-

  • Lack of concentration and weak memory - There are cases with children that they are unable to concentrate at the time of the study. They also forget what they memorize. This is called the problem of poor concentration and weak memory. As per astrology green is the color that can help your child. If you put up green curtains in the study room or study area of your child, it will help them. Planet Mercury is the symbol of giving good education and green curtains will increase the influence of planet mercury.
  • For good results - Saraswati Goddess is the goddess of education and wisdom or in other words, we call her vidya ki Devi. So, your child will pray to Saraswati and will chant Saraswati beej mantra, then they will get good results and success. Ask your child to make a habit of chanting Maa Saraswati Beej Mantra whenever they sit for studies or start any work related to education. Maa Saraswati Beej Mantra  - Om Shreem Hreem Sarawati-Ya Namaha. The Saraswati beej mantra gives good results if every time your child recite it for 21 times.
  • If you want to increase the concentration level in your child and also memory power, then keep one idol or picture of Goddess Saraswati in your child's room. It will also help your child to get success in all corners of life.
  • Lord Sun (Surya deva) is the foremost of nine Navagrahas. According to Hindu Astrology, the Sun represents the self and Surya dev possess the qualities of conscience, intelligence, individuality, courage. So, if you want your child to be intelligent and courageous, you need to put some things like roll, sugar, rose petals and a copper container. Combine roli, sugar and rose petals in the copper container and put it in your child's room. Soon your child will possess the qualities of Surya dev.
  • Helping poor and needy people will always help your child in getting success in education and career, so if your child donates something red like red cloth, red daal, etc on every Sunday.
  • Gayatri mantra is one mantra that is very powerful and effective for all age groups. If your child will recite Gayatri mantra 21 times every day, he will get success in education.
  • Memory power is one thing that can be increased up to some extent with the help of astrological remedies. Herbal plant basil leaves juice or in other words, tulsi juice with honey has a property to boost memory power. If your child will have this mixture at least once in a day, it will boost his memory. Remember to give this mixture before breakfast.
  • When you put so many things in the study room, then the flow of positive energy stops. It also stops the natural process of thinking and your child feels distracted every time he looks at a particular thing like a fancy table, chair, and other things. So, if want to keep the flow of positive energy and mindful thinking, then keep the study room simple and less of things like a chair and a study table only. You can keep one green plant in the room.
  • Due to Afflicted Mercury, a child may face several problems in education and career progress.  There could be a delay in expected results and it will naturally hamper the success and desired results. There is an astrological remedy to overcome the ill effects and negative influence of afflicted mercury. Take green moong seeds, few cardamom seeds, and Dhruva. Now wrap all these three things in green cloth and ask your child to offer it to Lord Ganesha every Wednesday. It will help your child to get success in education and wisdom.
  • Direction matters a lot in Vastu Shastra. If you will sit or sleep in the wrong direction, there will be ill effects of this. For students, the East is considered auspicious direction while studying. East direction also helps in boosting the memory & concentration level. For the flow of positive thoughts, East is the best direction for students. Also, the desk should face the north, east or northeast direction.
  • Students or career aspirants should sleep keeping their heads facing south or east direction.
  • A money plant in the southeast corner of the room will help in better studying and also positive energy is attracted by placing an aquarium in the north-east corner of the room.
  • By making sky blue colored circles above the study table, before your child starts to study, they should focus on this circle for a minute or two and then should start studies, this will help in increasing concentration levels. It also helps children to stay calm and concentrate while studying.