February 21, 2020 Blog

What Does Your Moon Sign and Rising Sign Mean in Astrology


Astrology is a language that has been truly understood by only a few. Many choose to believe in all that it has to offer while others simply don’t. Like any other aspect of the world that needs our faith for it to be alive in the true sense, astrology demands the same as well. Some will call it science for the same reason, while others will call everything a myth. It is all about the faith that you have in it.

Another question that arises in the mind of a believer of astrology is to what extent does it affect our daily lives? What are the terms that they need to know to understand science more deeply? How can they make their lives better with their help? All these are general questions like many others that will arise and might even be coming to you right now.

One of the main aspects that define astrology is the moon sign and the rising sign. Are you the same? Or are they different? What do they truly indicate? All these are questions we have the answer to, for you.

To start, let’s understand what a birth chart is.

A birth chart has three pivotal aspects defining it, sun, moon and rising. All three of them together define our personality traits and character. Most of us would know our sun sign but would have no clue about the moon and rising sign. This is because the other two are a little more complicated than the sun sign. All three zodiacs will also be different for you and to know which one you have, you have to know what moon and rising sign are.

Moon can be termed as the soul of our personality. We usually keep these traits of our character to ourselves as they are not for the rest of the world to see. One can call the moon side of their personality as the dormant one in a way but it participates actively in defining our emotions and our feelings. In a way, the moon sign is the driving force that no one knows of. All your emotional reactions will be based on it and one can pinpoint those traits very easily when observed carefully and by understanding moon sign meaning.

The ones who are very expressive in what they do and are generally very outspoken in how they behave can be categorized in the zodiacs Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. These three react quickly to their surroundings and their reactions are also very present, according to moon sign horoscope. The set of three is also the air signs of the zodiac.

Fire signs in the zodiac would be Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius and the ones that have the most excitement-filled inside them. Their reactions to anything that they do in life are also very direct. Confidence usually oozes out of them and one can sense their aura immediately.

Earth signs in the zodiac are not overly expressive but are rather very calm with how they react to situations. Stability is something they desire in their lives and look forward to maintaining it as well.

Water signs of the zodiac, on the other hand, are the most emotional of all. Sensitivity is in them and you would know that if your moon sign is Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.

One would easily understand the moon sign and sun sign, but the rising sign is where it gets a little more complicated. To put it in simple words, it defines that part of your personality which shapes the social character. Everything you are projecting onto others falls under the traits that are defined by the rising sign. Your style, your representation of yourself and your approach to life are things you would be able to understand deeply if you understand what rising sign is.

Air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius under this and you would be one of them if you are mentally quick, friendly and very verbal when it comes to people. You are not the one to shy around when left with strangers, rather it is in your personality to go and make new friends.

Fire signs are  Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, they are known to be very outspoken and not one to stifle in their emotions or something they have to say about you. For them, it is important to do something useful in life and leave a mark on the world.

Earth signs in the rising sign zodiac which are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, are extremely focussed when it comes to life. They will always have their attention on something and would take that as something that keeps them grounded. If you are an Earth sign, running from things isn’t your thing, rather you take life at a steady pace.

Water signs are ones that can be influenced very easily. Their sensitivity is what sets them apart but also is the reason for their fall many times. Achieving that balance is important for them.


Considering you understand what different signs mean, you must understand the implications of both and how they affect your life at the end. One can also research deeper through tools like moon sign finder and rising sign finder.