February 19, 2020 Blog

10 signs of a Passionate Relationship


When you hear about a passionate relationship we think it is about passionate intercourse/sex but it is more than that. Love bites and PDAs are not the parameters to define how passionate your relationship is. It is about how much you know, respect and understands each other.

Passionate relationships require sacrifices and compromises.

You know each other so well, sometimes the silence between two can also speak words for each other. It does not matter, whether you are in a long-distance relationship or a live-in one. There is a very thin line between passionate love and lust. You should take care of it. A little madness will always keep you engaged in your relationship. 
Someone once said, find a beautiful relationship and get lost in it forever…!

The following are the 10 signs of a passionate relationship:

1: Never take your partner for granted:
The relationship is not an option, it's a responsibility. We should understand that. Neither our relationship nor our partner should be taken for granted. As much as respect, love, and care we are giving in the first month we should give the same for years and years.Never forget to surprise them and gift your partners on different occasions to make them feel special. The spark should be there. A simple ‘Thank You’ plays a very vital role, always giving priority to her and asking for advice. While in sexual intimacy don't avoid communication.

2. You want to know everything about your partner:
A passionate relationship demands to know the past, present, and future about your partner. The more you know about your partner the more your relationship becomes passionate. This is possible through long conversations. If you already know your partner, then congratulations your relationship is a step closer to becoming a passionate relationship. 

3. You share common interests:
One of the signs of a passionate relationship is that you have started sharing a common interest. This can be a common series on Netflix that you watch, a romantic novel or cooking together with your favorite dish. This builds a strong bond in passionate relationships.

4. Give space to each other:
In the early phase of a relationship, we tend to become over-possessive for our partners. Once we know each other well, we start respecting each other's choices and we give space to each other. Allow your partner to live a life outside of a relationship. So that they can spend some time with their families and friends. Everybody needs some privacy in their own ways. We should understand the same. 


5. Admire each other's passion/work:
Maybe you both work in different fields. It is important to admire your partner's work or passion that he/she follows. You should learn from each other. Sometimes you have to motivate your partners to chase their dreams. Appreciation and criticism, both matter a lot but that should be genuine.

6: Do some activities together:
Building a strong relationship involves engaging with each other. You can do each other's hobbies or you can try a new hobby together. You can go often on a road trip and travel together. You can do activities like cycling, swimming, playing badminton. Healthy competition is required.

7: Give respect to each other: 
Respecting each other symbolizes that you care for each other's values. How you treat, talk and behave with your partner not only in public but in private place that shows your respect for your partner. Sometimes you may not agree with your partner's opinions but you should not criticize their opinions and vice-versa. At any cost physical violence is not acceptable in any relationship. Respect is actually about the freedom to be yourself and also it is very important to have respect for yourself.

8: Together in every emotion: 
Do not leave your partner to experience any kind of emotion alone. Cry and laugh together. Emotional connection is the bond that keeps people together.sometime, to witness sunrise we have to experience the sunset. In both scenarios, we should be together. Hang out together in a group spending time as a couple is important

9: Understand each other:
Remember that you are not always right, sometimes you both are right because of different situations or time things are happening not your way. You should understand that. Learn how to compromise and focus on finding common ground before reacting to try to understand your partner's intention and allow her/him the time to explain themselves. Always be truthful to your partners. If you will keep kindness over your anger then your partner will think twice before making any mistake.

10: Planning the future together:
When you are planning for the future first you keep aside every gadget you hold. Because somebody is telling about his/her future that means she/he is very serious about a relationship. In a discussion listen as much as you can. Plan the future accordingly. Do not skip financial discussions. You can ask what doubts you have. Honesty is crucial in all aspects of a relationship. But especially in the discussion of the future, it matters a lot.