December 5, 2019 Blog

Fake and the real: 9 Things You Need to Know Psychic


We all always search for the right path for us and for the key to a better life. For this we take help of psychics, tarot readers, mediums, fortune tellers, and astrologers. They guide us and provide us solutions. This is an ongoing process for centuries. Whenever we are in the process of an taking important decision or when we have questions related to  life, love, profession, health or wealth etc, we require psychics, tarot readers, mediums, fortune tellers, and astrologers. With the help of psychic readings, tarot readings, astrology readings and psychic advisors, we get insights for the future or destiny. It drives us to the right path and we get true love and happiness, career success and self-empowerment.  

A psychic advisor or a real psychic is a person who have the vision to see things clearly from a  more elevated place. They provide us answers to our questions related to life and guide us to right path. There are all kind of people in the world, out of them some are authentic and caring psychics whereas some are fake who consider this profession as the source of income only. Genuine psychics are here to help people and to serve humanity.  On the other side, fake psychics always look for opportunities to befool people, doing activities to exploit them.

Fake psychic not only exploit people but also hurt people's sentiments. They make their life miserable by hurting their sentiments and giving them wrong advice. 

We are here to suggest some tips to differentiate the fake and the real - 

  • Street psychics  - If you are thinking to go to street psychics, then it's a bad idea. People who are sitting on streets are not to guide you but to earn money by befooling you.They will always talk negative things and will try to exploit you. You will never hear anything positive from these psychics on street corners. Psychics who approach and surprise people in public spaces is also the same. If you are looking for a nearby solution, then go to a local metaphysical store that has a good reputation. They may employ psychics based on logics and what they read and believe in. 

  • If they talk about curses and bad luck - If a psychic is talking about curse and bad luck, he is not a real psychic. You need to beware of such fake psychics. They will play with your sentiments and will exploit you by creating fear factor in your mind. They always claim that you are born with a curse or you are suffering from the same which is going to make your life miserable. They will create such thoughts in your mind that you are unlucky or the curse is making you unlucky. You may feel yourself  in the deep fear of curse. But beware of such people, there is nothing like being cursed. It is just the karma or the stars.

  • Avoid psychics that compel you to spend money on their services - Psychic that lure you towards their charm and magic give you eerie warnings, avoid them. Psychics that involves exploitation of fear through vague warning and unnecessary demands are fake. Such psychic generally do not tell you what to do about the situation or sometimes they ask you to buy their services to avoid loss. So, "be careful” with such people.

  • Pay less to get a little information and pay more to know more - If psychic is asking for extra money to know more about you or to get additional services, then they aren’t credible. If psychic tells you that you are cursed and to avoid effects of such curse they ask you to give them money so that they can heal the curse, then avoid such psychic. Fake psychics will always offer services like lighting a candle or praying for you for a specific amount of days to heal you. Don't pay exorbitant amounts of money to get their services, they are fake. 

  • No readings are 100% accurate - If you go to a psychic who is claiming 100% accuracy, then definitely he is fake. There is nothing like 100% accuracy, even the most tested and famous psychics do not claim about their readings. If he is real psychic, he probably knows that it is all about timing and changing stars. It could be based on the your energy and decisions.

  • Black magic keep you in dark -  There are psychics who practice black magic, they will always keep you in dark. They will play with your emotions because they know your weaknesses. Such psychic will claim something which is not practical or such things which are not legal like getting your ex partner back, or hurt your enemy. They are surely a no-go. If you will try to tamper with anyone’s free will, it will hurt you back in the end. Be practical in your approach. 

  • General information is based on your body language or face reading - If you believe that psychic can read and would know everything about you, you are mistaken. Even big shot psychic can't do that. General information the fake  psychic is giving you information only based on your body language or face reading, they gauge your reactions. Don't get excited towards it. A real psychic will never play with emotions, he will read your energy.

  • If you have to visit frequently to the person, he is fake psychic - If you are not able to solve your problems with right guidance from the psychic and visiting very frequently, then definitely he is fake. They will make you to come back to them again and again in search for more. you will feel yourself dependent on their services. A real psychic is one who wants you to come as an when you have a problem or question like in 3 months, 6 months, or even a year. They don't compel you and you don't feel dependent. They make you feel empowered.

  • Ask Google baba and do your research first - If you are keen to meet a psychic, then before going for a session, do your research on Google or ask some experienced friends. Real psychics you’ll find from trusted sources. Credible psychic will often have an email address or phone number. They will ask questions and let you know about their process before a reading. You can also search through trusted testimonials.