October 16, 2019 Blog

Gifts For Bae Which Even You Can Sneakily Use!


Gifts are a means to express your feelings for someone especially when the person is your boyfriend. There are many occasions when you feel that it would be appropriate to offer a gift to your boyfriend like birthdays, anniversaries, your first date, etc. Sometimes a gift can be spontaneous. However, the act of buying a gift can be really frustrating. It becomes more frustrating when you're not sure what to purchase. Although for some it can be fun to choose a gift for someone you care about. Sometimes, when you’ve bought a gift that you know is going to hit the nail right on the head, chances are it is only your choice but not your boyfriends'.

We are here to help you to think of something which is just small and thoughtful. There are some common gifts that can be used by both and are equally likable. So you can employ the hack of getting something that has something for you too. We are going to list below that are perfect to give to boyfriend -

  • Gift cards  - Gift card is a perfect option and on top of the list of gifts for boyfriend. Be it H&M, Zara, Forever 21, amazon, Myntra, Shoppers stop or any other, picking this is very easier and you can use it too. It is an activity for both of you and both can be indulged together. Both of you can also go shopping and enjoy time together.
  • A gaming console  - Now the time has changed, gone are the days when only kids used to play video games. Now the PS4 or Xbox, are played. There are multiple games that even elders like to play. They really enjoy playing games for hours. This is one good option as you both can enjoy the gaming console. You can spend quality time with your boyfriend for hours battling it out.
  • Food coupons   - Gifting food coupons from his favorite fast-food restaurant or any coffee shop is a perfect idea.  You might not be aware but let me tell you that most food chains offer gift cards for purchasing food or drinks which you can use anytime. you have an option from Starbucks to Haldirams and Bikano. There are a lot of options available. You can choose any occasion to be it anniversary or birthday when you both can enjoy together using food coupons.
  • Clothes which are unisex - You must be feeling funny gifting your boyfriend a pair of clothes which are useful for you too. Trust me, there are clothes which both genders can wear like sweatshirts, bumchums, Bermuda, pyjamas etc.  You can always hand over a bunch of nice clothes like sweatshirts, t-shirts etc that you know very well will be yours in the future. This way gifting always feels like you are gifting yourself. 
  • Alcohol - Alcohol is a symbol of creativity and pleasure. When you want to gift your boyfriend a gift you also want to enjoy, then alcohol is the best option. You both can enjoy in the comfort of your home. It’s good to sip your decadent alcohol and also good to embrace your friendship with your boyfriend. Overall, Alcohol gifts are excellent to give on any occasion unless your boyfriend doesn't like to drink.