September 9, 2019 Blog

How To Read Runes?


Runes are ancient alphabets which were used mostly by German Countries. It was used by Pagans for divination and magic purpose. In order to use the runestones, you need to first ask any question no matter what type of question you want to ask. It might not be hard for you to learn the rune stones, if you spend some time and effort. When you get a better understanding of the words on the runestone than you can easily use them. Not only that, but you also need to learn some information about the mythology of German people to get a better understanding of rune stones and how to do magic using them.

What is Magick Runes?

Magick runes can be used as charms or divine stones which you can carry with you. From the ancient time, it has been used for various purposes to do certain types of work. In order to learn details about the magick runes, you need to first learn the letter and get details about German Mythology. If you want to learn how to properly use them then you need to spend some time and keep your patience while learning them. You can find Runes in two forms which are cards and stones.

What is Rune Stone?

For the past several centuries the rune stones have been used for divination purposes. Even now you can find the use of stones for the purpose of magic by the Pagans. You might have already heard of Tarot which is quite similar Runestones. Every rune stone is inscribed with a symbol which has a special meaning. By asking your question and using the stones it can help you in calling a deity who can help in resolving your issues. You need to study the symbol as reading them and interpreting them in your own beliefs will help you to find a solution. So before you start using the stones you need to get a basic idea about the meaning of the symbols to find the perfect results.

Various ways by which you can use Rune Stones

The runes should not be used to find the details about the future as they serve a different purpose. It can be said that they are the perfect tools to help in providing proper guidance. The runestones can be used to help with your subconscious which in turn will let you focus on the questions. So if you want to find answers to any questions then you can use the help of rune stones. Before using the rune stones you need to clean them so that you can energize them with positive energy. Always pray to the deity whom you believe in before the reading and after it is done, you need to thank them to get their blessings.

How you can do Single Stone Reading?

There are various ways by which you can read the runes. One of the most popular methods is using single stone reading. Here are some of the steps you need to follow in order to complete the reading of the stone.

  •       Keep your thoughts clear
  •       Your main focus should be on the questions
  •       Mix the stone in the bag
  •       Ask the question and take out the stone
  •       Read the stones and get answers to your questions
  •       To get the clarity you can draw more stones

How to do Four Stone Reading?

You can also use the four stone reading, which is another popular choice. While it might be complicated for you and you need to take help from the experts for it. The four stone reading needs to be done in a proper manner to provide perfect results. As the name suggests, you need to read the symbols on the four stones to get perfect results. So here are the steps that you need to follow for perfect results.

  •       Keep your thoughts clear
  •       Emphasize on the questions
  •       Mix the stones in the bag
  •       Ask the question you want to get answers for
  •       Take out fours stones from bag one by one
  •       Read the symbols on the stone
  •       First Stone –Represents influences from past
  •       Second Stone – Represents influences from the present
  •       Third Stone – Represents influences from future
  •       Fourth Stone – Represents your behavior and energy

Once you get used to reading the rune stone, then you can simply start trying out various types of options. It will help you gain some knowledge about the reading of rune stones. Make sure that you always clean them before and after you use them to remove any negative energy. It is said the drawing from the rune stones are not random and they are the choices of your subconsciousness.