Here is What Smoothie Bowl You Should Make Based On Your Zodiac Sign

By: Bhavya

No matter what your Sun sign, we are all affected by the 12 signs of the zodiac, as the Sun and other planets cycle through the horoscope over the course of a year. The perfect blend of fruits is magical according to an individual zodiac sign. If the astrological chakras are not working in a proper manner then the person may have to face difficult time to deal with. But every problem has a solution. So the perfect blend of fruits and vegetables according to an individual’s zodiac sign will give you much relief in your hard times. The perfect smoothie for the individual zodiac sign are listed below. All these smoothie are perfect combination of health and wellness.

#Aries: Grapefruit And Avocado Combo

Grapefruit is one bright fruit, which helps calm down the bouncing of energies Aries people often experience when they have to stay still and do normal things like work in an office. They can also add in some ginger to add a little spicy flavor to the smoothie. The refreshing flavor of ginger is spicy , dynamic and helps in detoxification. Add a pinch of fresh mint and stimulate the taste buds. The Aries are adventurous and passionate and this smoothie is best suited for them.

#Tauraus: Avocado strawberry Smoothie

The Tauraus people are very carefree and courageous. The core trait is they are very humble and self-loving. The suggested smoothie for Taurus are avocado strawberry smoothie. Avocados will give that luscious, creamy texture you deserve and strawberries will make your smoothie extra flavorful. It will also help soothe your sensitive side because, well, Taurus can also be a little sensitive.

#Gemini: Pudding Smoothie

The Gemini loves to eat sugar and salt both. That being said, a pudding smoothie would be perfect for all our Gemini besties out there. What’s best about pudding smoothies is that the possibilities are endless. Throw in whatever ingredients you can think of, whatever fruits you think would be great with chocolate and you’re good to do. This protein blast gives wings to their imagination.

#Cancer: Green Lemon Shake

The core trait of the cancer people are they are very exciting by personality. A heavy hand to dark leafy greens means this smoothie is one they can stay loyal to, while tangy lemon both balances and keeps things exciting.

#Leo: All Green Smoothie

The core trait of Leo people are that they are very stubborn. The Leo people can eat whatever available to them. They are not grocery shopping lover at all. They can be productive even they skip meals and of course they are creative too. So the protein packed smoothie is well suited to them. The go green smoothie can be prepared with lots of blended veggies and you can add yoghurt or pinch of peanuts for taste.

#Virgo: Fruity Smoothie

The core trait of Virgo people are that they tend to be very critical thinkers or even one can say over thinkers. They are generally workaholics and their brain never stop thinking and generating the bright ideas. The dark traits of the Virgo people are that they are very lazy. For Virgo folks, anything that will help cheer up their shaky mood is perfect and the nutrients and energy in fruits will help lessen the laziness.

#Libra: Berry Protein Smoothie

Romantic and idealistic Libras have an artistic attraction to classic beauty and a beery smoothie is only they need. Libras are very adjustable and of course their nature of flexibility to the situation they confront make them unique in every possible way. Just like them any kind of berries are easy to blend and a classic taste of berries are among the favorites of Libras.

#Scorpio: Vanilla Cinnamon Smoothie

The core trait of scorpions are they are very mysterious in nature. They are very passionate and creative too. They love everything bold. For Scorpio people, a vanilla cinnamon smoothie would be perfect. The vanilla will bring in the cozy soothing feels perfect for the mysterious aura of Scorpios. And adding in a dash of cinnamon will be great to add flavor and to compliment the mix of mood features.  Sometimes they are too emotional to handle so the vanilla cinnamon smoothie would be a perfect blend for their mood swings.

#Sagittarius: Plain Cucumber Smoothie

Freedom-seeking and straightforward Sagittarius loves to explore. They are very kind at heart. Loves to be crystal clear in their thoughts and of course they are cleanliness freak. So they need mess free life and something that can cleanse their brain. So Sagittarius can have plain cucumber smoothie which is very easy to prepare and of course looks so neat and gives a refreshing feeling.

#Capricorn: Banana Avocado Berry Smoothie

The core trait of Capricorns are they are patient people. But the negative traits of them are they are having low self-confidence, they doubt themselves. Sometimes they face depressed situation as they recap the decision made by them in the past . So to go head with the solution of self-doubt you should have a perfect combination of banana avocado berry smoothie to fight such situations. With only three ingredients and plenty of beautifying benefits for any glowifying-ambitions and to have boost up self-confidence.

#Aquarius: Beets And Berries

The core trait of Aquarians are they are very independent, inventive and charismatic. The beet roots are very rich in antioxidants and a punch of ginger and berries can enhance the taste. They’re also super independent, which means they make it a point that they can take care of themselves wherever they go. Beets are good for the heart, while the berries have its own nutritional advantages plus it’s super flavorful.

#Pisces: Anything With Zucchini

The core trait of Pisces are they are full of attitudes and they can have Zucchini as the best smoothie. They see good in everything and everyday. Other healthy stuff a Pisces can add are bananas and mulberry. They are very easy adaptable in nature and the creamy blended smoothie is very nourishing for them.

Astrology is an interesting way to relate to the world around us and feeds into an approach to wellness that feels personal and tastes like the universe hand picked it for you.