10 Things To Expect During The First Year Of Marriage

10 Things To Expect During The First Year Of Marriage

By: Bhavya

Marriages are made in heaven”, this is a phrase that is accepted and said around the globe. Marriages mean not only marrying someone who is chosen by you or your family members rather it is a relationship that two souls agree to forego with for the lifetime or we can say forever. Whether it is a love marriage or arrange marriage both has its own pro and cons. But the most beautiful thing is starting a whole new journey or a new chapter of your life with the person who you love or going to love in future. When the marriage is fixed, both the spouses has a lot of speculation in their minds about the marriage and they keep thinking whether this going to work or not, but trust me if the two souls are ready to make this work for lifelong this will definitely work. Now coming to the expectations that both the spouses have in the marriage, this could be love, care, family relationships, etc. At times, we hear that expectations kill relationships but sometimes expectations and discussions makes things better in life which works in favour of our relationships.

It nearly happens to all the newlyweds, after they are done with all the marriage rituals and the honeymoon is over they realize suddenly that they have spent much time for preparing for marriage and now it’s the time for being in marriage and knowing about the different aspects of marriage. Even if you are living with your spouse before marriage or you have just started living with him after marriage, in both the cases here are many surprises that you will be getting in coming 365 days. Expectations always comes with the relationship and the first year of marriage is always a blissful and incredible chapter in the pages of golden chapters of our life. Here are some expectations in first year of a special bond.

# Exploring each other

  • In the starting days of your marriage, you keep trying to know about the minute detailing of the partner which you were unaware earlier.

# Family Relations

  • After marriage, not only two people but their families get involved into their relationship and both the spouse need to take care of both the families equally and this is a very primary expectation of any person who recently got married.

# Unexpected Surprises

  • In the early days of your marriage, you should keep trying new things for your partner that may interest your partner and you can bring a smile on his/her face. You will get the opportunity of knowing the small reaction that your spouse give on certain things which may give you the idea of presenting things in front of your partner and can also help in ignoring fight situations.

# Unplanned Vacations

  • Spouses should go for vacations and lonely places where they can sit and talk for long hours and can discuss about their families, their likes and dislikes, their hobbies, their dreams and wishes, etc.

# Affective valence

  • The newlyweds should be careful for each other’s emotions in the early days because they does not know what will hurt the other person and this is the beauty of marriage. Marriage teaches spouses taking each other’s care along with their families. It does not attach only two people but two families in all sorts of emotions.

#Dinner Parties

  • Spouses should try for fun routines and try to organize dinner parties for friends and families together, this may also help in knowing each other’s extra interests and qualities which might be unknown to the world.

#Saying “Thank You”

  • Once you are married, the two persons are considered to be one and thanking to anyone for anything as a couple will give a different feeling of love which may makes you fall for the person all over again.

#Extraordinary Feeling

Try to arrange small surprises and thing for your partner on an ordinary day which makes them feel special even it is an ordinary day. It is not always necessary to celebrate and arrange surprises on special days,

sometimes surprises on ordinary days excites you more.

#Helpful Attitudes

After marriage, helping others should be done as a couple. If you volunteer for things together this may bring you much more closer by heart and makes you feel happy as well.

#Booking Trips

  • The couples can also book a trip to place of each other’s choice or they can also agree to a common place. The trips does not have to be luxurious all the time but it could be somewhere outside your town which may proved to be a fantastic way to build anticipation for new and exciting experiences of your married lives. At times, the quick rides just outside your town or pre-planned vacations can help you to build excitement and make such a special time feel bit more special.

#Opinion Differences

  • Sometimes, there are difference of opinions for small things, in these situations, both the spouses need to understand each other’s view point and also should make each other understand about their view on a particular topics but never turn discussion into arguments as these arguments are not good things for your marriage so always try avoid being in arguments for small things. Marriages are just felt by heart and it is a kind of relationship that can last forever only and when both the spouses are ready to work for the betterment of your relation and want each other’s happiness ultimately

Marriages are the most beautiful and unconditional bond which are made in heaven but lead in this real world. Expectations with relations should be given little space in relationship satisfaction. Least you expect more happy you will be… enjoy the incredible knot tide by the God in every year just as first year of blessed married life…