December 7, 2018 Blog

How does astrology work scientifically


By: Bhavya

Astrology is a common belief of the movements of celestial bodies do affect our destiny and also our moods and personality.

If we speak about western astrology they rely on science as they work according to the star charts the geometric shapes. In scienceeverything is believed according to the law and notions developed by scientists and similarly in astrology too it is believed that the movements of planets, moons, sun and their intersection do affect the life on earth. Astrologers beliefs the movements of the celestial bodies brings changes in our life on earth. Though some astrologers work with stars and constellations, western astrologers work with the Sun, the Moon and the planets (including Pluto) within the Solar System work with stars and constellations, western astrologers work with the Sun, the Moon and the planets (including Pluto) within the Solar System.  In everyday life the astrology is often confused with fortune telling but its not always that. Say for example at the time of the birth the intersection of the moon forms a mathematical point better connotes as nodes affect the individuals life and therefore different zodiac signs have opposite north and south nodes.

In astrology we do have calculation according to the date and time of birth. So in that way its step mother to mathematics. Mother of astronomy as astrologers have beliefs regarding to different laws of physics. So astrology is the most ancient science, becoming in many ways the mother of astronomy and physics and perhaps a stepmother to mathematics.

Astrology not beliefs on mechanism it beliefs on interpretation.  It does not always give a yes or no answer as science does and also supports with the hypothesis.

In scientific psychology we belive on the movement of tides according to the moon. But in astrology we belief the intersection of stars do affect the individuals fortune.

#Science and Astrology

Science and astrology are interconnected as both work in connection with stars; moon and different celestial objects.  Many astrologers claim that astrology is scientific. If one were to attempt to try to explain it scientifically, there are only four fundamental forces (conventionally), limiting the choice of possible natural mechanisms.  Astrology is a science where the astrologers predicts life and fortune and the planets plays a vital role.

#Fundamental Forces

Each Zodiac signs belongs to different fundamental forces. According to science the four basic fundamental forces are Fire, Air, Water, Earth.


Air is considered as positive element . Air is the associated with spirituality aspect of life. The zodiac sign related to air is Gemini, Libra, Aquaris. These zodiac sign often treated as light, hot, wet. These zodiac signs represent action, ideas and motion just as wind. Air deals with wits and playfulness.


Fire is considered as positive element as it focuses on focuses on changing energy from one form to another. Zodiac signs related to fire are Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. These zodiac signs like fire are temperamental and dynamic.Fire deals with bravery.

# Earth 

Earth is considered as negative element. Zodiac signs associated with earth are Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. Like earth the people belonging to these zodiac signs are “grounded people.”. Earth deals with loyalty.


Water is considered as a negative element. The zodiac sign related to water are Cancer, Scorpio Pisces. Individuals who belong to these zodiac signs are highly sensitive and emotional. They are god gifted with intuitions about some situations. Water deals with truth, intelligence.

Indian astrology shares the same system as Western astrology of linking zodiac signs to elements. Thus science and astrology go hand in hand.