New Moon in Sagittarius on November 7th 2018

By: Manmeet Kaur Tura

It is a transformational phase as the extravagant yet illusive New Moon takes place in the Sagittarius sign on 7th December 2018. New Moon is a sign of positivity and a new beginning. It is the time when new ventures continue to grow. A starting to new thoughts of setting and achieving goals.

Sagittarius is a very free spirit and when the moon occurs is this sign it calls for renewal and vitality. It is a moon that will widen your perspective and add the shades of positivity in your lives.

This celestial phenomenon that will occur on 7th December will be a happening that will showcase exuberance and appeal. It will be a day of interesting events that leave an impact in some or the other way.

The vigor of this New Moon is articulated from three special poles.

  • Enthusiasm and Exaggeration.

The New Moon occurs in the Sign of Sagittarius. This is sufficient enough to fill us with confidence, naturalness, yearning for travel and experiencing something new and unique.  At the same time it is also ca[able of providing wildness and carelessness. These are the enthusiastic Sagittarian features that are on the rise.

At the same time Jupiter is also in Sagittarius sign and in combination with the New Moon. This aspect might be unraveling and at a distance of 8° 44’, but nonetheless, it manages to color the New Moon, since Jupiter too is the planet governing this lunation.

A time when the vibes all around are filled with spark and joyfulness, zeal, mixed flair, wanting to go out and explore all in a lighthearted and energetic mood.

  • Seductive Intoxication

Mars and Neptune are in combination in the Sign of Pisces.

It is an aspect that leads to a mysterious and zealous environment.  It expresses creatively, gives a unisex sex appeal. It is a characteristic of a dreamy masculinity that calls for deceptive actions.

Mars and Neptune are at square aspects to the New Moon.

This position of Mars which is making a square with the Sun and the Moon creates the vibrations of nervousness, anxiety, annoyance or violence. Into these formations, there is also Neptune square to the Sun, which provides practicality, idealistic pursuits in addition to a changed sense of ego.

There is another square of Neptune to the Moon which adds to clear reactions, sensitivity and an escapist peculiarity. So it will be a time of intense emotions, be careful of what you do and what you want to get up to the next morning.

  1. Freedom and expenses

Uranus in resistance to Venus has ignited the ingredient of independence.

It is a disagreement that has been in a position since last September. For those bonds that have overgrown against the previous effects of such a happening shall this time be more cautious as the New Moon shall give way to recreation, dispersal and an open environment for pursuing your romantic relations. But these when in combination with the Venus opposition Uranus aspect, shall lead to turmoil in relationships.

This can also lead to unwanted and unexpected expenses or at times even happy revelations and bliss in the love life, if single. But any new bonds will be short-lived.  

We must be open to these changes and accept them with open hearts and mind.