Dress Code as per Zodiac for Halloween

By: Manmeet Kaur Tura 

  • Aries-

    Aries is controlled by the warrior planet Mars. So, as an aries you’re constantly fighting off negative buzz. Wear something cool and warrior like, such as Lady Cersie in the Game of Thrones.
  • Taurus-

    Traditional and close to self. Taurus must try the Marilyn Monroe look.
  • Gemini- 

    Gemini are dominated by the color blue. This dual natured sunsign must go for the Mystique from ‘X- Men’
  • Cancer- 

    Cancerian’s are emotional and vibrantly hot both at the same time. Black is your color. You must try the Catwoman look.
  • Leo- 
    Pure and kind hearted, Leo must go for the Cinderella look in light colors.
  • Virgo-
    Innocence is your charm. The mystic ‘Nun’ will be the perfect Halloween outfit for you.
  • Libra-
    Libra is known to be fun loving and peace makers. The 70’s Hippie look with a touch of horror will be perfect for you.
  • Scorpio-

     As your sunsign and your traits exhibit your witty nature, you are not someone people would like to mess with, and the witch look suits you the best.

  • Sagittarius- 

    Sagittarius is Savvy and learners. Go for the school girl look.
  • Capricorn- 
    You’re the leader and the queen of the world in your own way. Queen Elsa look suits you this Halloween.
  • Aquarius- 

Become a sport’s star and show your enthusiasm this festive season.


Timid and humble Pisces can go for the mermaid look or even be a scuba diver. Being a water sign this suits you.