The significance of Agrasen Jayanti

By: Manmeet Kaur Tura

Agrasen Jayanti is like a festival for the Agrahari and Agrawal sects. It is observed every year.  This year the Agrasen Jayanti will be celebrated on 10th October. This day commemorates the birth anniversary of Maharaja Agrasen. The celebrations are magnificent and this day is celebrated all across the country by the Agarwal and Agrahari sect in the honour of their respected forefather. Agrasen Jayanti falls on the ‘Ekam’ (1st day) of the Shukla Paksha during the ‘Ashwin’ month as per the Hindu month. According to the Gregorian calendar, this time falls between the months of September to October. According to the myths and stories Maharaja Agrasen was the legendary king of Agroha and also the founder of Agrahari and Agrawal sects in India. He was a very respectable and renowned King. His subjects loved and respected him during that time. Agrasen Jayanti is celebrated as a grand celebration across India, majorly in the northern states like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana that have a dense population of Agrawal, Agrahari and Jain communities.

Rituals during Agrasen Jayanti:

  • On the day of Agrasen Jayanti, people of the Agrawal and Agrahari community worship Maharaja Agrasen with full devotion and dedication. They also worship Goddess Lakshmi to seek her blessings for a peaceful and harmonious life ahead. The enchanting of prayers brings prosperity in their personal and professional life. Devotees also visit their ‘Kuldevi’ temples in the morning to seek her blessings.
  • Sobha Yatras or processions are organized in towns and villages in the honor of Maharaja Agrasen. These yatras are taken through prime locations across the cities. The Sobha Yatra depicts the images of Maharaja Agrasen and his family members. The procession is followed by a number of disciples and devotees.
  • On this day, followers of Maharaja Agrasen engage themselves in social welfare activities. Free food distribution and medical camps are organized to help people and spread the message of brotherhood and equality. In some places cultural functions are organized to glorify the life history of Maharaja Agrasen. The members of the Vaishya community worship him and follow in his footsteps.

Important Timings on Agrasen Jayanti


10-Oct-2018 06:25 AM


10-Oct-2018 18:02 PM

Pratipada Tithi Begins

09-Oct-2018 09:16 AM

Pratipada Tithi Ends

10-Oct-2018 07:25 AM


Significance of Agrasen Jayanti:

Maharaja Agrasen was the creator of the Agrahari and Agrawal community and so this day is celebrated in the memory of this great King. The word ‘Agrawal’ consists of two words, ‘Agra’ means ‘Agrasen’ and ‘wal’ means ‘balak’ (son). Therefore Agrawal itself mean the ‘Son of Agrasen’. The day of Agrasen Jayanti is a big festival for the descendants of Maharaja Agrasen. According to the Hindu mythology, Maharaja Agrasen observed Tapasya please Goddess Lakshmi, after he was advised to do so by Lord Shiva. His Tapasya was successful and Goddess Lakshmi appeared and told Maharaja Agrasen to start a business to help his people flourish well. And so the members of Agrahari and Agrawal communities follow the custom of business. This day is considered very auspicious for initiating a new business venture.