July 14, 2018 Blog

Vaastu tips for improved sexual relations and bedroom.


By: Megha

The love of your life sustains fully when there is arousal in feelings, charging of two bodies in bed, and the warmly filled aura of affection. To cleanse out all the negativity dwindling your passion to satisfy your partner in bed, there are some Vaastu tips which the newlywed couples surely need to follow. There is incredibility hidden in the life of everyone and to make it feel, one must value its true worth. Similarly, the true importance of your partner is very much essential for you as your life wholly depends upon her. The recipe to successful marriage relies in perfect intimacy and to stretch the strings of lovable feelings, all you need to apart from raising your gun is to place things in bedroom according to the rules of astrology.

Always keep in mind that the first night of yours should not keep your partner turned off. To make the excitement in bedroom rush to next level of physical intimacy, do place your bed against the end of a strong wall and never keep it in the middle of the room. Perhaps this is the major reason that two people who are madly in love with each other nest themselves closely in the sea of romance.  It is always advised to couples to sleep on wooden bed having walnut coating. At other side, the Vastu tips negate the usage of metallic pieces surfacing exterior of bed like iron, aluminum as it is meant that they are the major causes of propagating ego clashes between the two lovebirds. While placing a mirror in the bedroom, make sure that your sleeping reflection is not reflected in it as it amounts up to the internal conflict. Even if you wish to fix the mirror in room, then do make it fix in that angle from where your sleeping positions are not reflected into it. Always keep dressing tables in other rooms of the house because dressing tables in bedroom account for tremendous tensions in love life. Since you will be making out with your partner in bed and it is ascertained that there will be arrival of mushy feelings, so do not hang any ancestors, deceased persons or the photos of gods and goddesses in that room. It is so because they tend to take away the flow of romanticism and create awkwardness which dissipates the feeling to linger on the side of partner. Instead of having the portraits of deceased persons, you may keep the paintings of nature, waterfall, mingling photos of couple or the painting of waterfall. If your wife expects to give become mother in coming months, then do hang the colorfully vibrant photos of infants and toddlers.

There are times in life when your wife turns her head away from you or claims the lack of romantic satisfaction which could not please her and make her blush like other divas. We know you left no stone in bringing back the smile to her face. Try to sleep down with your head in south direction and make her believe that you are the real man whose instincts can create a lingering spark in her face. Avoid sleeping down with head in east direction as it increases the causes of irritation. You might have noticed that your wife chooses lightly coloured nighties while she goes for the sleep, then you should also try to wear light wear night suits and urge to make your first move go well. At last, make sure your bedroom is whitewashed or coloured in the red, orange or pink as these colours accumulate the chances of having pleasure.