December 8, 2021 Blog



Aries today: December 8, 2021

The cards point to the door to a new path. A gateway to higher education and mastery, if possible. But, to take this journey, you will have to adopt a beginner's mindset. You will never be too old to throw away learning and relearning. So, trust where your trip will take you. Those in the market for a new job must be proactive. Update your CV and connect with the right people. Something tells us that the perfect opportunity is close to where you are.

Cosmic Tip: Develop a Beginner Mindset.

Taurus Today: December 8, 2021

Great leaders understand that there is much they can accomplish without the support of their team. This chapter in your life is about highlighting the strengths of each individual and encouraging them to do the best they can. But it's not just about praise and appreciation. It's also about identifying the areas they need to work on. Find a way to approach the subject gently, while providing them with the tools to overcome their shortcomings.

Cosmic Tip: Time to lead your team to greatness.

Gemini Today: December 8, 2021

When we turn to the outside world to check our sincerity, we continue to vibrate to the rhythm of fear and doubt. When we turn inward for guidance, on the other hand, we can come face to face with our own truth. So, get rid of distractions, Gemini. Create a sacred space that allows you to embark on that inner metaphorical journey. Something tells us that you are about to make great discoveries about your path and goal.

Cosmic Tip: This is your time to feel lonely. Don't resist the process.

Cancer Today: December 8, 2021

Everyone has their flaws, Cancer, and everyone has their strengths, too. It all comes down to what you choose to focus on. We hope you notice everything amazing in your fellow warriors and celebrate their victories as if they were your own. Focusing on the positives will not only empower the positives, it will also help strengthen your bond and help you co-create from a place you trust.

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Cosmic Tip: Focus on what you find inspiring in others.

Leo Today: Dec 8, 2021

Taking the path of least resistance doesn't always mean doing what's easy. It’s all about being one with the cosmic rhythm. It's about honoring where the winds of change are taking you, even if it goes against the plan in your head. By doing so, you will discover a new path. A divine plan, if you can. It's time to allow yourself to transform, be beautiful, and lead in the direction of your true purpose.

Cosmic Tip: Take the path of tiny resistance.

Virgo today: December 8, 2021

There is no doubt that you have been beaten and bruised, Virgo. But wearing those scars as badges of honor would be a shame. I welcome this as an opportunity to be real with yourself. To evaluate the stories you would like to take with you in the future. Something that tells you that you are called to get rid of the old, tear down the walls and make that paradigm shift. Note: Know that you are well liked and supported.

Cosmic Tip: Evaluate the stories you would like to take with you in the future.

Libra today: December 8, 2021

You are immersed in your misery, Libra. You perpetuate the failure story and give more power to the things you "don't like." But what if you choose to look at the particular situation from a neutral point of view? What if you choose to identify the person who let you down as just the catalyst? There's a lot to learn here, sweetheart, only if you're willing to change your point of view.

Cosmic advice: life is our greatest teacher.

Scorpio Today: December 8, 2021

This is a period of great growth for you, Scorpio. It's time to pursue what you believe with unbridled passion and gain recognition for your efforts. The chart moves up from here, you can be sure of that. Just make sure your feet are firmly on the ground. Since the change has begun, a geographical move could also be at play. Think carefully about this. Your intuition will always tell you what is right for you and what is not.

Cosmic Tip: You will receive recognition for your hard work.

Sagittarius Today: December 8, 2021

The letters speak of the presence of some influencers. Powerful players who have the power to give you the professional support you need right now. Then, extend your hand in friendship. Make the right connections. As you do so, learn your own art of tasting as well. They will not know how to cooperate with you unless they are sure of what you can offer them in return.

Cosmic Tip: Play your cards right, take a bow.

Capricorn Today: December 8, 2021

The problem is that we tend to box ourselves in. We define our identity based on what we do with physical reality. But this is not who we are on a spiritual level. The truth is that we are free and we are not bound by the rules of the Matrix. What the cards urge you to do today: See yourself as a ray of light. Know the true essence of who you are while allowing yourself to claim your truth. Remember that you are part of the Divine Consciousness and that the Divine Consciousness dances the dance of life through you.

Cosmic Tip: It's time to remember your true and beautiful nature.

Aquarius Today: December 8, 2021

What if we say that you are the only person standing in the way of your progress? You've been rambling on about this decision for a while now, and it only leads to a feeling of stagnation. So trust your instincts and take the bold step. While doing this, eliminate the need for "perfection" at all times. Nothing like approaching everything in life with the spirit of the game will set you free.

Cosmic advice: act soon.

Pisces Today: December 8, 2021

Soulmate relationships can be a tricky place to do this job. This is due to the tendency of both members of the couple to reflect on each other, highlighting the unpleasant aspects of existence that one would rather avoid than face. But you didn't get that far by following the path of denial. So approach with caution and love what will come to be healed. Remember, you are a magician, my love! An alchemist blessed with the ability to turn lead into gold.

Cosmic advice: pay attention to what is reflected in you.

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