November 11, 2018 Blog

Types of Amethyst gemstones


By: Manmeet Kaur Tura

 Amethyst is a purple gemstone that is beautiful and elegant and reflects a panorama of vibrancy. The ancients called it ‘Gem of Fire’ as it is one of the rarest spiritual stones carrying the liveliness of passion and fire. It is a purple type of Quartz, a common mineral. The purple color of this gemstone has variants ranging from a very light violet pink to a deep purple. The word “Amethyst” is derived from the Greek word “amethystos” and it stands for “not drunken”. This has an interesting fact that says that the people of Ancient Greece believed these gemstones had properties in them that made them a great remedy for drunkenness.

Amethyst is a very renowned and incredible gemstone and is used for making daily items and in making elegant and ravishing jewellery pieces. Amethyst stone is connected to the planet Saturn and it is believed that wearing this stone can help magnify the benefits that come from the strength of the planet Saturn and additionally also protects the bearer of this gemstone from the negative effects of the Shani.

Amethyst is also called as Jamuniya. It is known to be the stone for the constellation of Pisces. It is specifically auspicious and lucky for those born in the month of February. According to the Romans the month of February is dedicated to Neptune, the water god. Not just this Amethyst is also the stone of St. Valentine and is considered as the stone of love and faith.

Amethyst is a tremendously powerful and shielding stone. There are no negative effects of this stone and it always reflects positivity. One can be relieved from stress and negativity by wearing this stone.

Esoteric Information

Birthstone: Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius and Capricorn

Chakra Alignment: Third Eye

There are four different types of Amethyst and all have particular effects on an individual.

  • Amethyst – Chevron- Chevron is one of the most powerful forms of Amethyst and can be used for psychic development and to enhance psychic healing and diagnostic skills.

Alternative Names: Dog Tooth Amethyst

Mineral Information

Origin: Brazil 

Color: Mid to dark purple, with alternating layers of cream or white quartz.

Typical Appearance: Massive, layered alternately with quartz to exhibit the banded chevron appearance after which it is named.

  • Amethyst Green- This is a restful variety of amethyst and it is believed that green amethyst strengthens the mind and is the guiding energy to recover from stress and tension. It is aligned with the heart chakra Anahata and is useful in developing a calm state of mind and helps you focus and develop a meditative state of mind.  Green amethyst is also said to link the religious and physical aspects of life through the heart channel, making it a healing crystal.

Mineral Information

Origin: Brazil

Color: Pale green

Typical Appearance: As crystalline masses.

  • Amethyst Red- Red amethyst is powerful and influential as it combines the properties of amethyst, hematite and smoky quartz. Due to this unique quality it instills a sense of calm with grounding and protection. Therefore it helps you develop into a better human being.  It is also due to this unusual combination that the entire chakra system remains balanced and develops a sense of flow. When worn with the point upwards, the Third Eye is awakened and purified, and rejuvenates giving rise to new ideas and new ways of thinking along with supporting the development of psychic gifts. It guides you to a unique way towards spiritual awakening.

Mineral Information

Origin: Minas Gerais, Brazil

Color: Terminated crystal faces rouge-red. Crystal interior, dark purple / smoky quartz.

Typical Appearance: Normally as clusters, in typical amethyst form. However, the crystals faces are completely included / coated by rouge-red hematite. Individual crystals separated from the Druze show a dark amethystine / smoky interior.

  • Amethyst - Vera Cruz-  It is the birthstone for Pisces, Virgo and Aquarius. Vera Cruz Amethyst has a more vibrant energy as compared to the other amethysts.  It has a very strong Third Eye to Crown Chakra alignment, making it perfect for working or meditating on a high spiritual level.

Mineral Information

Origin: Vera Cruz, Mexico 

Color: Clear to very pale mauve, often with a darker mauve termination.

Typical Appearance: As single or clusters of prismatic crystals.