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Marriage Probabilities 2024

Marriage Probabilities 2024: In Sanatan Dharma, marriage is a sacred union where two holy souls are united. Marriage is not only a bond between two people, but also a meeting point of two families. After marriage, husband and wife take a vow to spend each other's happiness and sorrow together. In today's time, young men and women delay marriage in order to pursue higher education or make a good career in life. According to astrology, parents also get worried due to this. Early or late marriage also depends on the horoscope. If there is early marriage in the horoscope then the marriage will happen soon and if not then there will be various obstacles in getting married. But the question arises that how to know whether there is a possibility of early marriage in the horoscope or not and then what are the solutions to remove the delay in marriage. 


According to astrology, each planet represents different aspects of life that affect a person's life. This StarzSpeak article brings you perfect details on marriage prospects 2024, and also knows about the lucky zodiac signs who are likely to get married in the year 2024.

This special article has been prepared by experienced and learned astrologers by calculating the positions and movements of planets and constellations as per Vedic astrology. In the special article on Marriage Yoga 2024, known for which zodiac signs the possibility of Shehnai Utsav is being formed. Which zodiac signs will have to wait? Apart from this, also get answers to various questions in the article. Let us move ahead and first know in detail about the planets and houses that play an important role in the marriage date.

Vital Planets For Marriage In The Horoscope

The possibility of marriage is formed in different ways in the horoscope of any person. According to astrology, if the transit of the ascendant lord is in the seventh house of the horoscope, then there is a possibility of marriage, due to which the chances of marriage of the person increase. The position of Venus and Jupiter, the planets responsible for marriage, matter a lot in marriage. It is difficult to imagine married life without these two planets. In Vedic astrology, the seventh house is considered the house of marriage. That is, through that feeling it is told what kind of qualities your partner should have and how married life will progress. Both Venus and Jupiter are considered factors of the seventh house. In the horoscope of men, Venus will become the factor of women, while in the horoscope of women, Jupiter will become the factor of husband. 

Marriage Probabilities 2024: The Formation of Marriage Yoga For These 6 Zodiacs Including Aries


Aries is the first zodiac sign in the horoscope cycle. According to Vivah Yoga 2024, the beginning of the year will prove to be very auspicious for unmarried people and they will get the good fortune of marriage. The most appropriate timeline would be from the beginning of the year to the end of April. During this period, there are chances of marriage if you find a good life partner. The beginning of the year will prove to be excellent for married people. The influence of the planets will be in your favor and the movement of the planets will reduce the distance between you and your spouse. According to Vivah Yoga 2024, after June you will get a lot of love and affection in your married life. The time of July-August is suitable for pilgrimage and will be an opportune time to complete the work that was stalled due to a relative of your spouse. The time between October and September will be for happiness in married life and the relationship will get stronger. 

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Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac in the horoscope cycle. According to Vivah Yoga 2024, if you are still unmarried then in the first and second half of the year, marriage related discussions will start in your house and the marriage ceremony can also be confirmed. There will be chances of marriage during this period. In the case of married people, Shani Dev will remain in his own zodiac sign and in the seventh house throughout the year. This will strengthen your spouse's thoughts. Trust and love will increase between partners and towards each other.

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According to the predictions of Marriage Chances 2024, the time after July will allow love to blossom in the relationship and both the partners will feel connected to each other. The time from August to November will be favorable for the natives and there will be happiness in married life.


This is the seventh sign of the zodiac. According to Vivah Yoga 2024, it would be best for unmarried people to get married. The chances of a successful marriage are strong in the first half of the year and it is also favorable for marital relationships. Jupiter sitting in the seventh house will guide the person in the right direction. Your mind will remain calm and you will be able to fulfill your responsibilities well. The native will be completely devoted to his partner. Sweet relations will be established in the relationship. Also, good knowledge and spirituality will be infused in the mind of your spouse. They will understand their responsibilities and work shoulder to shoulder with you. There will be sweetness in your relationship with your partner and the first half of the year will be very pleasant.

As per the marriage probability predictions 2024, lord Saturn will enter the eighth house in the second half of the year and this will result in the possibility of an in-laws attending the marriage. This will bring happiness in the family and you will spend quality time with your partner.

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This is the eighth sign of the zodiac. According to Vivah Yoga 2024, if you are unmarried and looking for a suitable life partner then the second half of the year is the most suitable time. At the beginning of the year, Rahu will be present in the fifth house and will increase the flow of love in your mind. It also motivates the person for love marriage, but the opportune time is created by the transit of Lord Jupiter in the seventh house on 01 May 2024. By the end of the year, there will be a good time for marriage and you may also find a life partner of your choice. Still, if you are not in any kind of love relationship, you may get married in a good family in the second half of the year and mainly in the last three months. 

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As per Marriage Chances 2024 Prediction, Venus and Mercury are sitting in the first house at the beginning of the year and will move to the seventh house. This will reduce overall tension with your spouse. Love and romance towards each other will increase and you will also enjoy the relationship a lot.


This is the tenth zodiac sign in the horoscope cycle. According to Vivah Yoga 2024, the months of July and December will be favorable for the natives. There are more chances of marriage during this period. If you are alone and waiting for someone special to come into your life, then between March to April and May to June, there is a strong possibility of someone special coming into your life who will become an integral part of your life. Besides, in the coming time you will also get married to that person.

According to Vivah Yoga 2024, if we talk about married people, then this time is very favorable for you. Spend the rest of your life happily with your spouse and also go out somewhere to spend some quality time together. This will help in establishing good relations between the two.

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This is the last zodiac sign of the horoscope cycle. According to Marriage Yoga 2024, if you are unmarried then there will be strong chances of marriage in the second half of the year. With the blessings of Devguru Jupiter, marriage will take place on time and there will be more chances of celebration. The time from March to the end of April will be favorable for marital life. Romance will also come in the relationship and after that you will get a chance between August and September. Stop the troubles in your relationship and things will get better in the marriage. 

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According to Marriage Chances 2024 Prediction, on 01 May 2024, Jupiter will enter the second house and from there will aspect the seventh house. Due to which problems in married life will be reduced. Spouses will also be attracted towards each other. The native will try his best to maintain the marital relationship and strengthen the relationship.

Relevant Measures to Tackle Delays in Marriage 

  • For early marriage, reciting the entire Shri Durga Saptashati, this will create auspicious chances of marriage.
  • Donate yellow colored clothes and fruits to a Brahmin or a needy person on Thursday.
  • It is also very important for unmarried boys to recite Shiv Chalisa to get the desired person for marriage in their life.
  • It will be beneficial to take a bath by adding a little turmeric in the bath water on Thursday. This will remove the obstacles coming in your marriage.
  • If Jupiter is weak in the horoscope then offer water mixed with turmeric to the banana tree.
  • People can also wear Six Mukhi Rudraksha to get rid of marriage related problems.

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