September 29, 2021 Blog

Daily horoscope for wednesday, september 29, 2021 - starzseak


Are you so excited about today? Do you want to know what the future holds? Let yourself be guided by the daily horoscope predictions.

Aries today: September 29, 2021

Spoiler alert, Aries: They haven't changed like they say, and they're 100 percent likely to give you a quick one. Do you really want to be with someone who insults who you really are or makes you feel like you will never be enough for them? Good thorough cleaning, beautiful. Remember that your time and energy are your most valuable resource, and there is no need to feel guilty about choosing yourself.

Cosmic advice: don't go back to the old ways.


Taurus Today: September 29, 2021

All of this happens for a reason, Taurus. All of this happens for a reason. But, the more you try to analyze it, the more questions will remain. A word to the wise: Accept the experience that is presented as it is and know that the universe is looking for you at all times. If you've been bitten by a love bug, it's time to clean up your loved one. Remember, they will never know about your feelings unless you become vulnerable.

Cosmic Tip: Acceptance is the magic word.


Gemini Today: September 29, 2021

Here's another cup of truth tea, Gemini: playing the "game" won't work for long. Eventually, they will face the truth and realize that you were wearing a facade. It is best to bring the gift of originality to the table. It's better to show them who you really are, even if it means making you vulnerable. Remember that you are allowed to be in progress. all of us. Know that it is your flaws that will help strengthen this relationship.

Cosmic Tip: Bring the gift of originality to the table.


Cancer Today: September 29, 2021

Spoiler alert, Cancer: No one is perfect. The more you look for flaws, the more reasons to resist this pull. But you know better than anyone that this connection is worth fighting for. So, break down the walls and let them in. Let her in, pretty. It's time to bring those fears to the door by remembering that you are so loved and supported.

Cosmic Tip: This connection is worth fighting for.


Leo: September 29, 2021

Such a lovely time at Leo HQ. Appearance time. It is time to make wishes come true. Your romantic life will be especially illuminated as a result of the current cosmic collaboration. A word to the wise: tear down the walls and let yourself go. Remember, fear will reap its ugly head every time things start to work out well. So stay aware and take them to the exit door.

Cosmic Advice: Have the Goddess of Love by your side.


Virgo today: September 29, 2021

What are the reasons that spark your passion? How do you feel called to give back to the community of which you are a part? The group needs your dedicated service, now more than ever. So get ready to preach, sweetheart. Prepare to preach. As for the flashes of thoughts you've been getting? Know that it is by no means random. Your guide sends it to the other side. It is time to trust them and take the leap.

Cosmic Tip: Dedicated service is an important topic for you right now.


Libra today: September 29, 2021

Love is terribly uncomfortable, Libra, and it requires compromises from both parties involved. If you don't get what you're looking for here, it's time you got serious about this connection. Remember, if they wanted to show up for you, they would have done it a long time ago. If they wanted to back you up, no power in the world could stop them from doing so. It is time to get out of denial and accept what the universe is showing you. The cool thing is, you still have * you *, and that's the connection you'll want to focus on for the next few weeks.

Cosmic Tip: Time to break out of denial, honey.


Scorpio Today: September 29, 2021

When we ask for a change, we must be open to what it entails. Acceptance is what the universe is asking of you right now. That and an unshakable faith in the fact that things happen * for you *. For some of you, this may be a time to come out of denial and admit the truth. If they wanted to walk by your side, they would have fought to be in your life, Scorpio. A word to the wise: choose yourself. Do what's right for you without bringing embarrassment into the equation.

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Cosmic Tip: Get this connection for what it is.


Sagittarius today: September 29, 2021

I've been on the productivity train for a while, Sagittarius, and it's getting pretty stressful. It's time to hit the pause button, breathe, and reinforce your connection with yourself. Go for a nature walk, feel the rain on your skin, watch the moon rise, play with felines and allow yourself to be "stress free" you need to get somewhere. Adopting a quiet life will help you recharge your mind, body, and spirit.

Cosmic Tip: Time to fill up your cup, honey.


Capricorn Today: September 29, 2021

Spoiler alert, Capricorn - they'll put you to the test. You'll feel like you're out of shape, over and over again. Instead of resisting the flow, accept what the universe urges you to accept. Look at things from a higher perspective and begin to realize that they are neither good nor bad. Remember, you have been prepared for these changes and your soul knows what to do in each moment.

Cosmic Advice: Let your circumstances strengthen your faith.


Aquarius today: September 29, 2021

Aquarius, you have always been incapable of heart. The so-called black sheep that refused to follow the crowd. Maybe you weren't crazy. You're probably the only one who got it right all the time. Today, he is being asked to embrace the supposed streak of rebellion. Hug * all * of you, including the parties that have been embarrassed over and over again. The more you are true to yourself, the more you can attract opportunities that allow you to shine a light on the world.

Cosmic Advice: It's time to accept * all * of you.


Pisces today: September 29, 2021

At any moment, we have two options: allow the pain to become the reason we stop working or turn the poison into a sweet elixir that transforms our core. Time to make room for more love, more kindness, and more compassion, Pisces. It's time to be a warrior of light in a world driven by selfish motives. Yes, you will be seen as an anomaly. Yes, you will doubt your sanity. Choose to stay open knowing inside that you were sent here to start a revolution.

Cosmic Tip: It's time for a love revolution!